Jungle Fever

I could not resist telling this story which I heard on the six O'clock news yesterday. It is a world première and Canadians are very excited about it. A cub was born to a white polar bear and a grizzly in Canada. The evidence came as the bear was shot April 16 on the southern tip of Banks Island, 2,000 kilometres north of Edmonton by an American hunter.
The animal has polar-bear-white fur with brown patches, 'and its eyes were set inside thin circles of black skin. It also bore some distinctly grizzly-like features, including long claws, a humped back and a dished face.'

...''What’s clear is that the union that produced the bear was more than a chance encounter on the sea ice, a frozen one-night stand. Female polar bears and grizzlies only become fertile after repeated mating - and the animals usually spend many days courting before parting ways again.
"They would have to have been together very likely for at least a week," said Mr. Stirling.
So was it love?
"I don’t deal in things like that," he said.
Desperation is a more likely reason. Driven by a biological urge to pass on its genetics, the grizzly bear could find none of its own species high in the Arctic, and took the next-best option.''

I was distraught at the news of this exceptional Bear's death.

The title of the post refers to one of director Spike Lee's movies which is about interracial relationships.

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