Three Graces or Axis of Evil ?

Under pressures from the Bush administration, Tony Blair revised the tone of his speech at Georgetown university ; on Iran (to a harder stance ), Kyoto (a softer one) and US domination of international institutions, WB and IMF (from european sided to neutral) in what many see as ''a lopsided relationship that has benefited Bush far more than Britain.''

On the other hand, The US relations with Israel are under influence, as the Walt and Mearsheimer paper shows, benefiting Israel more than the US.

Blair's submission is serving Bush who is serving the Sharon/Olmert doctrine of unilateral withdrawal and sanctions against the Palestinians. Many see here an Axis of Evil.

Where is the Blair who promised the Arab world that he will use his 'influence' on Bush to bring a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ? A promise he made in the wake of the Iraq war only three years ago.

The man is only a shadow of his self when it comes to his dealings with Bush. Can somebody please explain this to me ? Meanwhile I will keep my own unsatisfactory explanation which presupposes that Blair feels that he needs Bush's and America's powerful protection against lawsuits and criminal charges that may sooner or later come up against him and which are related to the domestic aspects of issues like terrorrism and the Iraq war. Or may be he fears that if he didn't bow to their pressures, they know enough about him in matters re;ated to these issues to put him in trouble in no time...which another way of saying the same thing...


Anonymous said...


The West and that includes Canada are working in concert to control the ME and its oil reserves. The very survival of these countries is at stake. All the rest is window dressing.

Their whole inefficient economy is based on a scarce commodity that they can no longer afford.

I will go as far to say that they cannot even afford the occupations and wars that are necessary to maintain this control for the next 40 years or more.

What a mess they have put us all in just to preserve a wasteful lifestyle.

This has nothing to do with Bush, Harper or Blair . Their successors even from other ruling parties will
carry on this maddness until they can complete the structural economic changes necessary to compete.


Sophia said...

Issam, This is a very pessimistic view. Can you elaborate on it ?

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