The US versus Iran: Change of tactics but not change of heart !

The US decided to change its tactics in the Iranian dossier. In the face of external criticism from Germany's FM who had talks with Iranian officials recently and internal criticism from former secretary of state Madeleine Albright. In the face of the reluctance of China and Russia to vote for a resolution before giving more chance to diplomacy. And in the face of the recent tensions between the US and Russia, Condoleezza Rice caved in yesterday: ''We decided that we are still going to try to have a resolution from the security council but we rae going to wait few weeks to give time to Europeans to make a proposal to Iranians''. The proposal will include a reference to Iran's right to have nuclear energy for civil but not for military purposes. ''if that's what they want'' added Rice.
Next Monday, French, German and British FMs will be working on a proposal which will be submitted to the five permanent members of the security council and Germany in London on May 19th.
This new round of negotiations will alleviate the pressure on the states who were asked by Europeans to participate directly to talks with Iran. However the US will not escape the question of the security guarantees demanded by the Iranians in exchange of a deal: no regime change and no attack on Iran. The US is reluctant but European countries have mentioned that North Korea was given such guarantees.

Source: Le Monde, May 11th 2006 web edition.

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Gert said...

Right now the Iranians hold all the cards and are playing a strong game but I wouldn't be surprised if later on they botch their advantage up through more excessive rethoric. I hope they don't.

Contrary to what you seem to believe, all this indicates that there is little gusto for another ME war in the USA, at least not in the immediately foreseeable future...

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