Abu Mus'ab El Zarqawi dead and loving it !

I knew about El Zarqawi's death early this morning and I wanted to post on it when I received from blogger Dr. Victorino De La Vega this reflection in the comment section of my last post:


Re: Abu Mus’ab death, have you noticed the striking resemblance with Latin America’s most subversive revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara…

Pervasiveness of the proverbial Semitic-Arabian-Iberian “ethnic traits” threatening the integrity of our beloved Western civilization?
Common use of the advanced mortuary toileting techniques in vogue at the CIA?

Allah and Huntington only know…''

This is the only way with which one might take this news item presented as a victory of the newly formed Iraqi government ! Concerning the ''Advanced mortuary toileting techniques at the CIA'' mentioned by Dr. De La Vega, I was surprised by a curious item: Al-Zarqawi's different mortuary photos presented to the world were framed ! Can you believe it ? They even had time to put the photos in a frame !

This reminded me of rumours of a previous El-Zarqawi death. On September 17th, 2005, Cheikh Jawad El Khalessi, the shiite Imam of the Mosque Al-Kazemiya in Baghdad, told le Monde: ''Zarqawi died at the beginning of the Iraq war in Northern Iraq (Kurditsan) where he was fighting with the group Ansar-El-Islam...He does not exist as such anymore. However his name is used by the Americans as an excuse to plant sectarian divisions between shiites and Sunnites and an excuse to stay in Iraq.''

What is to come from this announcement then ? You have to read carefully the declarations: Iraqi and American officials are warning that this does not end violence. Indeed these officials have listed and 'killed', up to now, at least some hundreds, even thousands and may be more Al-Zarqawi senior aides, as Angry Arab puts it jokingly and regularly on his blog. I guess then that the announcement is meant not to end American troops presence in Iraq but rather to let us know that there is progress in Iraq while at the same time fanning more sectarian flames as one American senator was declaring this morning that Zarqawi's death might result in terror attacks by Iraqi sunnites !

Al-Zarqawi had been probably dead for a long time now and I am sure that among his 'senior aides' , another 'mythical' figure will emerge 'defying the west' to finally die at the hand of the West's 'freedom defenders' a mediatic death rewarded with 'Advanced mortuary toileting techniques' and beautiful framed pictures destined to feed the US propaganda on Iraq !

More on Zarqawi's death on Angry Arab.


Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

“Can you believe it ? They even had time to put the photos in a frame”

The answer is no: this shit is hard to believe…

Maybe that’s just because, as the father of modern American-Israeli pseudo-scientific thought* once said:
“plausibility is a great virtue in a scenario, one should, subject to other considerations, try to achieve it. But it is important not to limit oneself to the most plausible, conventional, or probable situations and behavior. History is likely to write scenarios that most observers would find implausible not only prospectively but sometimes, even, in retrospect. Many sequences of events seem plausible now only because they have actually occurred; a man who knew no history might not believe any. Future events may not be drawn from the restricted list of those we have learned are possible; we should expect to go on being surprised”

* Herman Kahn (1922 - 1983)

“Herman Kahn was a giant. He boldly confronted public issues with creativity and the conviction, in his case correct, that thought and analysis could help make ours a better world”
Donald H. Rumsfeld (German war criminal)

Sophia said...


You mentioned this fellow once and I had a look at what he says, delirious, incroyable ! If only Americans knew the crappy ideology behind their rulers convictions, even less respectable than management theories (I was reading about them in the Atlantic Monthly of June)!

As Old Aristotle said, Temerity is not Courage and could not be considered as a virtue since it bears no responsibility for the consequences.

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