Another Israel Boycott

''The largest labor union in the Canadian province of Ontario has voted unanimously to boycott Israel "until it recognizes the Palestinians' right of self-determination" and accepts all United Nations resolutions relating to Palestinians, including the right of return.''

...''The vote by the Ontario labor union to boycott Israel came hot on the heels of a similar decision by British lecturers' made earlier in the week.''

...'The resolution passed despite an aggressive and extensive campaign waged by Israeli organizations and Jewish groups in Britain and the United States.
Members of the International Advisory Board for Academic Freedom, a body formed at Bar-Ilan University last year in the wake of an attempt to impose an academic boycott on Israel, said that "they will try to attack the resolution through legal channels." Last year, when a smaller British union, the Association of University Teachers (AUT), passed a resolution calling for an academic boycott of Israel, it was canceled a month later by means of a procedural clause in the AUT regulations that was found by a British-Jewish academic. ''

And since Haaretz, in which this information was published, has a reaction section to its articles, I am reproducing here one of the many reactions condemning the boycott:
''Until Israel and the rest of the free/intelligent/knowledgeable world unites to inform the rest of the free/less-than-free/stupid/ignorant world of the historical truth revealing Israel as a peace loving nation and the Arabs/Palestinian/Terrorists/Radical Islamists as genocidal, religiously intolerant racist exterminators, we will continue to witness these kinds of stupid and ignorant actions by stupid and ignorant people, their organizations and even their countries. Get used to it and start figuring what is to be done about it. My suggestion? All Jews belonging to these organizations should leave and allow them to wallow in their own feces of intellectual starvation - e.g., see disputed territories, Spain, Iran, Arabia, Indonesia and wherever Jews have been excluded. We should go where we are welcomed and desert those places that see us as their enemy. We should not deceive ourselves thinking there is a difference between Israel and being a Jew. You hate one, you hate the other''

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