Can you really not see ?

Amira Hass on the state of lethargy of the Israeli public moral consciousness over the crimes commited in their names by their state.


Solomon2 said...

Can you show us anything similar from the other side? Any regrets from the Arabs about bombarding Israeli civilians, terrorist attacks focusing on bashing in the heads of little girls, regrets about the hundreds of thousands being raped and killed in Darfur, or even the millions who were extinguished in the wake of Muslim conquests?

JD said...

Very nice article indeed. Solomon2, I do not know where you live, but this opinion is common in the US. this is because here in the US they do not know that in this conflict one party occupies the land of others and that is (as simply as that), how the conflict started. Long before the first suicide bombing, Israel had already used violence (since its foundation really) continously. That being said, most arab condemn and criticize harshly all the suicide attacks inside Israel. It is clear however that the occupier is responsible for the mess a harsh occupation creates.

Sophia said...


I think you can try discussing with Solomon but you will realize very quickly that it is useless. I didn't try and will not. I have had people 'defenders of Israel' very often on my blog like him. They are full of certainties and they leave a comment not to initiate a discussion but to 'redress' Israel's image. They have a long and hard work to do. Despite the international support the state of Israel is getting, the majority of ordinary citizens do think that Israel is a criminal state, like others of course but nonetheless a criminal state and not a 'Light unto the Nations'.

Wolfie said...

While I do agree with you Sophia, as you well know I think, events in Darfur are nevertheless a stain on the Arab league and complacency in the Arab world on this particular issue is deplorable. While I also rest blame on the "international community" it is the Arab league who are in a better position to place pressure on the incumbent government.

Mind you rolling Israeli issues into the same paragraph is somewhat disingenuous Mr Solomon (a title you do not disserve) as I can see no connection with these problems.

Wolfie said...

Debate. Zionist Style : http://redstateson.blogspot.com/2006/09/one-step-beyond.html

Sophia said...

I totally agree with you. The Arab league is useless. Arab rulers are more preoccupied by their divisions and the survival of their egimes that you cannot expect something from them. The Arab league is in itself a contradiction because there is not one unified Arab voice and this is what most people usually don't know; they assume that there is a unified Arab voice at the official level. If there was such a thing, Palestine and Lebanon would not have to bear the burden of the Israeli recurrent destabilisation of the ME and hegemonic agressions in the region. The Arab league not only did nothing for Darfur but did nothing for Palestine and did little for Lebanon (I was surprised by the level of mobilisation they showed for Lebanon but it is mainly thanks to Qatar, the only Arab country actually engaged in a nation building, development and modernisation process)

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