Harper and the Israeli agression on lebanon: between Ignorance and Political Manipulation !

Our conservative prime minister, Stephen Harper, who is even more vocal and more one sided than his idol GWB when supporting the Israeli agression on Lebanon, against the majority of Canadians and against Canada's long time standing for neutrality in world affairs, found a way out from a barrage of criticisms coming from opposition liberal MPs by appointing a Muslim Liberal MP from Pakistani origin to a fact finding mission in the ME and Pakistan !

Now Harper and some liberal MPs think that this is a smart move ! This is because of ingrained ignorance of what the middle east conflict is about, thanks to our mainstream media controlled by Mr Black !

I think Harper's move is vicious, manipulative and dangerous, smart only to silence his opponents but definitely not smart when it comes to achieving what it declares wanting to achieve. Appointing a Muslim MP from a Pakistani origin to a fact finding mission tied to the conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbours implies two things;
-This conflict is about Islam. Any Muslim is then an able envoy for such a mission !
-A Muslim from Pakistan as an envoy: Pakistan being the country, with Afghanistan, one of the main purveyors of trained terrorists, implies that this conflict is about Muslim terrorism.

This conflict is not about Islam. We are repeating this again and again but nobody seems to listen. In Palestine, Chritians voted for Hamas, tired of the corruption of Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah appartaus. In Lebanon, Hezbollah is shiite, nothing to do with sunni Islam from Pakistan. Moreover, Sunni Islamist terrorism, al-Qaeda like, has nothing to do with movements of resistance against Israel like Hamas and Hezbollah because these latter two never attacked western interests outside palestine and Lebanon and they built their reputation by providing citizen with helpe and social welfare where their western puppets corrupted governments ignored them to enrich themselves. They are elected by their people, participate in the political process and, unlike al-Qaeda, do not threaten to attack western interests anywhere in the world ! Moreover, Shiites are 40% of the Lebanese population whose Christians are massively behind Hezbollah in this war of agression ! 87% of Lebanese of all origins are with Hezbollah against Israel.

Sending a Muslim MP from a Pakistani origin on a fact finding mission to the ME is like sending a Christian Lebanese, to a fact finding mission to Northern Ireland, because he is Christian, even though he has no competence and no knowledge of the history of the Northern Ireland conflict !

Either Harper is ignorant, manipulative (because this way he is implying that this war is all about Pakistani bred fanatical Islam and because he is using an MP from a rival political party), or both at the same time. However, none of these 'qualities' is going to help the Canadian government formulate a just position in this conflict ! Liberals and other parties must react immediately to this non sense, but more urgently Liberals should ask their MP to refuse this mission (even if certain elected persons are hungry only for limelight and fame, which is the case of this MP I think) and those in the liberal party who think that Harper is doing a favor to Canadians and to bipartisan politics are naive !

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