Israel's self proclaimed right on the Lebanese coast is endorsed by the UN

Everybody knows by now that UN resolutions 1559 and 1701 call for Lebanese sovereignty. Designed by the neo-cons, they were configured to drive Syria out from Lebanon and disarm Hezbollah. The first goal was achieved but not the second and it is the second goal that provoked the recent Isareli agression on Lebanon.

Hence it bothers me when the UN itself and those who welcomed these resolutions don't seem to believe in Lebanon's sovereignty when it comes to allowing USrael to agress Lebanon, to spill oil on its coast (in order to divert tourism from this area to Israel) and to fly the Lebanese coast to check the damage that was made by Israel !

I thought that I was misreading when I went throught this passage this morning:
''UN: Israel Approves Aerial Flights to Survey Lebanese Oil Spill.
has given approval for aerial UN surveillance missions over the Lebanese coast to determine the scope of a massive oil spill caused by Israeli bombing, the United Nations said Monday.''

So it seems that the UN, Israel and the US and with it the self declared civilised world don't give a damn about Lebanese sovereignty when it comes to Isarel's self proclaimed rights !


mikealpha said...

A sovereign states' primary duty is to possess the sole military force within it's territory. Until such a time as the Lebanese goverment (perhaps with assistance) disarms Hezb'allahs armed forces Lebanon connot be a sovereign state.

Sophia said...

Israel never wanted Lebanon to become a sovereign state. What you mean by 'sovereign' is a state submitted to Isarel's will and this will never happen with lebanon ! If Israel really wanted lebanon to become a sovereign state it would not act toward this country as it has been acting since the sixties, violating its air and ground space on a nearly daily basis, bombing it and destroying its economic infrastructure !
Remember Olmert said at the beginning of this Israeli agression: 'We are going to set the clock in lebanon twenty years back'. As for Hezbollah, it enjoys more than 70 % of support among Lebanese. Do you want to destroy Lebanon for this ? Think carefully because the more you destroy, the more Hezbollah will strenghten its hold on Lebanon...

Anonymous said...

Lebanon under a UN Mandate. We've been there before. The West has learned nothing from history. They intend to fracture the ME countries even more. Syria was dismembered under the League of Nations Mandate.

Look what is happening around us .It is not a coincidence

Our struggle has always been about keeping Lebanon united. The Lebanese people will uphold their unity despite their parochial leaders. Inshallah.


Since March 29th 2006