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From now on, I would like to post, as much as I can do, on some passages I find in my readings of the Western press, as well as the Saudi dominated Arab press as 'gem of the day' or 'perle du jour'. These consist of citations containing pro-Israel biases and connivences and anti-Arab préjugés dictated by political correctness, racism, lack of judgement, ignorance, plain hypocrisy, and absolutely not based on facts.

Today the 'Gem of the Day' goes to yesterday's Leader's editorial in the Guardian. Evoking the ceasefire and the last Israeli attempt in the Bekaa to kidnapp a Hezbollah official (or to disrupt arms shipment to Hezbollah according to Israel, as if the disruption of arms shipments cannot be made by air bombing, a war tactic to which the cowardly Israeli army resorted too much during the recent agression on Lebanon, instead of landing thirty soldiers with their humvees in a Lebanese village), the editorialist leader wrote:

''There is no doubt that Hizbullah sees itself as the victor in the conflict and this in itself is a provocation to an Israeli government which is under pressure at home to show it can still protect its territory. As such, the Bekaa raid may have been a symbolic exception to a policy of compliance with the UN resolution, rather than a disturbing indication of flagrant breaches to come. ''

Poor Israeli government ! Hezbollah was so villain as to not let Israel win and look what is happening now ! Because Israel MUST WIN, because Israel has the 'right to defend itself', because Israel is on the 'right side' of this war, because Israel is entitled to victory whenever it goes to war against its Arab neighbours, it is being subjected to an unbearable pressure at home to score a victory against Hezbollah. This has driven poor Israel to 'symbolically' not comply with UN security council resolution 1701 ! I am afflicted !

What kind of excuse The Guardian is going to find next time the Israeli government is going to breach UN resolution 1701 ? Is it going to serve us the same excuse ? What kind of excuse the Guardian is giving us as to the Israeli blockade of Lebanon's air space and coast ? Is it pressure at home ? And is a third breach of 1701, because there was already a second one, going to be considered as an exception ? What the person who wrote the opinion think of UN resolutions totally not respected by Israel ? Israel has a list of UN resolutions against it to which it never complied !

This is a clear example of excessive 'compassionate' journalism toward Israel. Is it the result of:
Self-censorship ? Political correctness ? Fear from being fired from the job ? Fear from being labeled anti-semite ? Plain sympathy ? All the previous at the same time ?

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Behemoth101 said...

More like just the fear of being called "anti-semites" -- it's the Zionist ace-in-the-hole. Of course, aside from saying the word "Iran" out of context. See also: Hezbollah is the new Iran, France is the new Iran, Morals are the new Iran, Peace is the new Iran.

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