Racial Profiling at airports: A Stupid and Hollow measure aimed only at increasing racial tensions

Read here my personal account as a middle eastern woman traveling in Europe this summer, as well as the excellent Glenda Jackson article as of this morning on the subject.
Read here what I think of the growing politisation of terrorism and how to effectively protect citizens and civilians from it, along with the excellent Madeleine Bunting article on Islam, terrorism and the catastrophic politics of both issues in the UK.
These are the opinions of a bunch of women, Me, Madeleine and Glenda. I can tell you, you better follow these opinions instead of those of Bush, Blair and their bunch of men including Rice because, as my favourite line in Lord of the Ring from another courageous woman says, 'I am no man' and so We Are No Men ! *

* I thank Richard for emboldening me to make such a statement through one of his comments, even though I admit that these distinctions are false and only circumstancial because for every worthy woman there is a worthy man...


Richard said...

I'm flattered to hear that I've helped embolden you, Sophia. Heh.

But you are who you are. You already were. Gender? That's only to do with 'what' we are - not 'who' we are. And it's 'who' we are that matters.

Also, I see you've been busy blogging again. Since it's late over here now, I'll have to catch up tomorrow.

Sophia said...

Hi Richard,

We are what we do. You are doing a lot with your blog. This is responsible activism ! Keep up !
I try to keep the pace with mine, it is not always easy.

Since March 29th 2006