To Lebanon from Israel with Hate !

Blogger 4 AM Station pointed to this link:

''Yesha Rabbinical Council: During time of war, enemy has no innocents

The Yesha Rabbinical Council announced in response to an IDF attack in Kfar Qanna that "according to Jewish law, during a time of battle and war, there is no such term as 'innocents' of the enemy."
All of the discussions on Christian morality are weakening the spirit of the army and the nation and are costing us in the blood of our soldiers and civilians," the statement said. (Efrat Weiss) ''

According to this stupid and criminal statement, children in Lebanon are threatening the security and the very existence of the state of Israel and Israel has to defend itself by killing these children because it happens that they are in ennemy territory !

This, added to the fact that Israelis from all groups are massively supporting the invasion of Lebanon and the beginnig of the war pictures of children and adults signing the bombs destined to Lebanon, makes me think that there is a great amount of hate in Israel !

Of course, nobody in the western press or media will dare talk about this because they will be accused of anti-semitism. Only Israel and Israelis have got the right to hate others while being supported and adored at the same time ans given the exclusive privilege to 'defend' their country by attacking, invading and occupying other countries and killing their children !

The picture above was a Time cover in August 16th 1982. At that time Israel invaded to 'help 'Lebanese get rid of Palestinians', there was no Hezbollah. But they are doing it all over again because they have a sharp sense of what Lebanon needs for its security ! Isn't that admirable ! This is argument number two, Which is laid out after argument number one 'Israel's existence' comes into scrutiny as disproportionate as to the threats ! Because when you point that firing few rockets into Israel or kidnapping two soldiers aren't really a menace to Israel's existence they tell you that Iran's president says so. Iran's president stupid rethoric was music to the ears of Israel and the US! And Hezbollah is Iran even if Hezbollah is waging a war of resistance against the Israeli occupation and daily violation of south Lebanon ! Nobody mentions this fact. they all believe that Israel started the war with the kidnapping of its two soldiers !

But why they don't attack Iran then ? The US and Israel cannot afford to make this war now so they are doing it by proxy and they think that hezbollah is a good proxy. Lebanon's population and Lebanese infrastructure are in this equation but then as the rabbi said there is no such a thing as innocents in times of war. Of course, Rabbi must also check out when this was affirmed against his own people; for nazis, there was no such a thing as an innocent jew !

Israel and its allies are using these arguments to hide the fact that they cannot afford a war against Iran and justify their offensive on the people of Lebanon and you know what ? Citizens in the West are buying these arguments, nobody thinks that the US can may be talk with Iran actually, oh no they don't want to talk to 'terrorists', and the UN is unable to name this war as it is, an offensive war of the mightiest on the weak, children and citizens and a weak country which is just healing its wounds ! But then again, Rabbi said that there is no such a thing as an innocent in Lebanon and certainly not the children of Qana !

Everybody knows and the US and Israel know that Hezbollah will not be or will be little affected militarily and politically by this war ! So instead of not being able to wage war against Iran, to destroy Hezbollah, they will kill and displace as many shiites as possible and destroy the country ! This is a criminal war with criminal motives and criminal means and I am waiting for these humanitarian organisations to do their job and to stand up against this great injustice !

Israel needs definitely a therapist, as blogger Elizabeth suggested. This is a hysterical, violent and paranoid country built on Pathos and everybody knows that if a mental pathology is not treated, it affects every sane person living next to or having to deal with it.

But Nations are not individuals and the UN, as a therapist, is not keeping its distance with the country who needs therapy and with its pathological parent, Bush's US; It is sharing with them the house, sleeping with them at night and even believing their delirium ! Right now I can see no exit from this madness !


JD said...

It is interesting to note also, that the very expensive Public Relation campaign that Israel is doing in the west and in particular in the US masks as much as possible the culture of violence and hate and extreme racism that is largely present in Israel today. You are more likley to see on TV an arab hate speech then an Israeli one, although the second is quite common too.

Sophia said...

The whole information establishment is biased in the west, right and left included. This is the only explanation to the fact that not only people are staying silent in front of the tragedies of the Palestinians and the Lebanese but they are trying to protect Israel by all means. However, i think that israel is on the path of self destruction. You k now that hate destroys from the inside and Israeli society has so much hate, not only against Arabs in neighbouring countries and against palestinians but also against their own minorities.
I think nobody is going to be able to save israel from itself and the self destruction will be as powerful as the power Israel has to destroy others. But meanwhile we are going to suffer a lot before the monster eats itself form the inside !

Tarek said...

Your article makes very much sense. There is no logic in what media keep saying. It is all biased and misleading while in reality it is a different game. The question I ask myself is whether Hezbollah took those two soldiers to mask attacks on Gaza or nuclear weapon discussion with Iran. That is another side of the story..
As I keep saying: politics is like chess, you need to forsee 20 steps ahead...
Check my blog corner.... I am posting articles or opinions I come across that have some truth in them and your article deserves to be included. Cheers,

Sophia said...

Tarek, Thanks for the mention but I do not wish my posts entirely mirrored on other blogs. I know your intention is good but as you are new on blogger my advice when you fond a post worhty of citing is that you introduce the post on your blog by few words and you create only a link to this post. I think this is a better way and it sorts out confusions.

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