Remembering Sabra and Chatila massacres


Irish have led successful boycott campaigns in the past.
The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) commemorated the anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacres with a National Boycott Israel Day.

And there is the excellent Monika Borgmann's, Slim Lokman's and Herman Theissen's 'Massaker' interviewing men from the Lebanese Forces who participated in the massacres. They described everything from training in Israel where they watched Israeli female soldiers naked, it looks like this was part of the training...They were also educated about the holocaust, although one of them was clearly racist, he hated Jews. They also talked about the visits of top Israeli officers and Politicians to the Gemayyels and about the acts perpetrated inside the camps by details including acts of rape and reactions of the victims. They also said that Israeli soldiers were around the camp and inside. It was they who thought to bring plastic bags for the corpses.
Chilling !
We saw the documentary last year at the Montreal Arab documentary festival.
My husband walked out in the middle of the documentary. It was unbearable...


Anonymous said...

The Israelis feel right at home with Lebanese fascists.

I attended a lecture by Robert Fisk this year and he made a powerful arguement that massacres , like Sabra and Shatila and the foreign occupations are fueling Islamic extremism. He was very pessimistic about the future of the ME.


Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

« Je ne sais pas si tu as pu le constater en visitant mon blog récemment mais à chaque fois que j'écris qlq chose dommageable pour l'image d'Israêl, un blogger britannique dont le nom se compose de 4 lettres et qui n'est pas contributeur régulier apparaît et il essaie d'amener un autre canadien sionist dans le débat en y faisant référence. Je connais si bien leurs tactiques maintenant...Ma règle d'or, ne pas répondre et espérer que mes commentateurs réguliers restent silencieux. Je ne veux pas faire de la publicité pour ces gens là. »

Hi Sophie, C.E.,

Sorry for my (quasi) radio silence of the past weeks, but the “rentrée” has been quite hectic for me!...and I think I’ll have to reduce my blogging activities until end October/early November…

Re: the pro-Israel bloggers in question, I think you should be happy about it as:

1) Any publicity is good publicity + it raises the traffic stats of your blog… for free!

2) These Pharisaic commentators (no pun intended) come across as being “moderate” (remember: every is relative!) left-of-center Zionists: a real pro-Israel right-winger wouldn’t bother reading your blog- and if he did, he’d probably use less “nuanced” propaganda

One would would have to be a fool (think Bush) or a neocon (think Wolfowitz) or both (think McCain) not to be very pessimistic about the future of the MENA area...

Sophia said...

Keep writing whnever you can, otherwise we will miss you.

Elizabeth said...

That movie hasn't come to New York yet, I don't think...hmmm.

Although I'm not sure I could stomach it either.

Solomon2 said...

This isn't "remembering". This is distortion. The fact is that the massacres were about Lebanese killing Arabs. You'll note that nowhere does anybody say that Israelis trained the LF to massacre people or ordered the killing. The Israelis themselves seem to believe that they are guilty not of perpetuating or even encouraging these massacres -- after all, those under attack fled to IDF forces for protection -- but of failing to stand between the LF and the Palestinians or restrain the LF in time. For that, Israelis mostly blame Ariel Sharon.

One wonders why these LF guys spoke as they did. Everyone knows who did the dirty deeds. What would happen to these LF men if they didn't speak as they did? Someone has to prove to me that they didn't speak under coercion.

Peter said...


To say that Israel failed "to stand between the LF and the Palestinians or restrain the LF in time" is a massive understatement. You sound as if Israel was somehow a neutral party in the fighting between the 2 groups, when in fact Israel was using the Phalangists as a proxy militia against the Palestinians. At the very least, Israel approved the decision to send the Phalangist forces into to Sabra & Shatila under the IDF's supervision, surrounded and sealed off the camps so that Palestinians couldn't escape, and fired flares throughout the night to light up the camps for the Phalangists.

The real issue is the level of colloboration between the IDF and Phalangists in planning and carrying out the atrocities. Did Sharon knowingly colloborate with the Phalangists in carrying out a massacre of Palestinians as part of his strategy to destroy the Palestinians military and political infrastructure in Lebanon?

Sophia said...

Thanks Peter for an answer I could have written.
Solomon is no debater. He thinks that everytime Israel's image is scorned he should come and correct the facts...However facts are facts and they cannot be corrected.

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