Stephen Harper's logical and ethical fallacies

During the last Israeli agression on Lebanon, Canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper, refused to recognise the suffering of Lebanese civilians by not calling for an immediate ceasefire, despite having in his own country a sizeable Lebanese diaspora who was waiting for a word from him in this direction and who was anxious and furious about the daily killings of hundreds of lebanese civilians, mainly children, from Israeli bombings.

Recently, at the summit of the Francophonie held in Romania, Harper blocked a common offcicial declaration by the summit that mentions the suffering of Lebanese civilians arguing that it did not mention the suffering of Israeli civilians, despite the fact that the declaration was adopted by a majority of countries participating in the summit.

''Harper said Canada deplored the war but couldn't accept a resolution that didn't recognize that Israelis had also suffered.
"I hope we can all recognize the suffering of humans -- men and women -- and not just suffering based on people's nationality,'' Harper said. ''

Harper's position is logically fallacious and not only unethical but also criminal. Indeed Harper did not ask himself the following questions:

- If he did not recognise the suffering of Lebanese civilians during the height of the Israeli agression how can he logically recognise it now ?
-Moreover, Harper's position during the Israeli agression implied that not only Lebanese civilian suffering was acceptable to achieve military objectives but also Israeli civilian suffering. Was Israeli civilian suffering then acceptable to Harper ?

Harper is here guilty, not only of logical fallacies, but of moral fallacies, for recognising immediately afterward, something that if he had accepted to recognise one month ago he could have saved lives on both sides.

Another fallacy in Harper's position resides in the fact that, recognising retrospectively the moral equivalence of Israeli lives and Lebanese lives and insisting on it, no matter the numbers of civilians who died on both sides, is in contradiction with his position during the height of the war when the dying of Lebanese civilians by the hundreds every day seemed to him acceptable as long as Israeli civilian casualties did not match those of the Lebanese. One could assume, from Harper's insiting on signing the declaration only if it mentioned Israeli civilians, that if Israeli civilian lives were wasted by the hundreds and the thousands during the July war, he may have asked for an immediate ceasefire.

I remember that my professor of Logic told us that the minds of our political leaders are poor in Logic and therefore unethical. He used to give us examples of political speeches full of logical fallacies, asking us to find them and telling us that Logic was connected to Ethics because they share the same process, coherence. Logic requires from us to be coherent in our statements and discourse and Ethic requires coherence between our principles and our actions. Harper lacks both.
Harper is the leader who talked the most about Ethics in Politics and it served him well because he stole the victory from a Liberal party struggling with Ethical problems. However, after this incoherence and many others in Harper's position on the Israeli agression on Lebanon, I say: Harper has no lessons to give in Ethics, not to Canadians and not to the rest of the world. On the contrary, he seems to be desperately in need of lessons from others on these matters.


Anonymous said...

Same planet, different worlds. The Liberals just can't figure out Stephen Harper and it scares the crap out of them.

Just like bloggers who use comment moderation... only posting comments that agree with their position.

Anonymous said...


Why are you surprised at Harper's action. He is moving Canada's foreign policy more in line with Washington and Tel Aviv everyday.

This trend was already started by Paul Martin and it will undoubtedly be cheered on by Ignatieff and Bob Rae if they lead the opposition.

One of Harper's goals is to strip the Liberal party of its traditional Jewish support and money. He has just recruited the power couple of Schwartz and Reisman and I am sure that others will follow.

I expect that Iggy and Harper will try to outbid themselves about their love for everything Israeli.

The West is in deep preparations for a war with the first play having 5 acts.

The Lebanon war was act 3. People like Harper are well aware of this great war and his stance on issues like Lebanon, Palestine or Israel is very logical and consistent. see http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=NAZ20061001&articleId=3361

Ethics has no place in power politics and they are only raised when you catch your opponent up to no good.

It is important that we strengthen the forces of peace, national unity and justice in Canada and oppose the divisive and belligerent policies of Harper and Ignatieff.


Sophia said...

My colleague Mark from Gorilla's guides


has a post also on the same article you mentioned for act 4.

I think act 4 will be launched after the november lections in the US. As I said to Mark, this administration (US) has an extremist agenda and they will do the war on Iran no matter the circumstances.

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