The actual state of Iraq and the ME

Does a picture summarises it all ?

Gorilla's Guides: Boy Holding The Feet Of His Father Baquba Hospital Morgue October 18 2006

I wonder, what is the ratio of pictures of desolation and tragedy that are coming out from Iraq to those that are coming from Palestine. I also wonder, as the tragedy of Iraq is unfolding as a massive one, aren't we inclined to feel it as more pressing than that of Palestine ?

My point is that the core problem in the middle east, the Palestinian problem, is being immersed in much wider, bigger, massive and tragic conflicts, Iraq being at the forefront of all...One success you can attribute to the neo-cons in Iraq is that this conflict has eclipsed the main one in the region, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. So lets speak of the Iraq war as an Israeli-Arab conflict and I think this is how we should call it from now...A solution to the Israeli occupation of Palestine should come as a solution to the Israeli-Arab conflict and to other conflicts in the region. Palestine, despite the savagery of the Iraqi conflict, is still the main grievance in the region...

The more I think of what is happening in the ME, the more I find bizarre the absence of any political will to put an end to the Israeli-Arab conflict. It is true that our world is driven by spin, the spin of a Bush administration and its zionist allies determined to put an end, not to the conflict, but to any legitimate grievance and demand for justice that are emerging everyday from one side of this conflict. And how are they trying to silence the other side, and with it the international civil society who think that the Palestinian people and the Arab world and the middle east, deserve justice ? By opening more conflicts in the ME.

Why ? Because Israel has been in pain to come to term with its imperialist adventure. And Israel knows that every imperialist adventure might come to en end. Israel is then trying to encourage other imperialist adventures in the ME, like Iraq and Iran while extending its own amid the silence provoked by the fact that our attention is turned to other imperialist adventures, always more savage and more brutal and more unjust, and by the continual revival of the anti-semitism ghost and the accusations that go with it.

There is however a simple and one solution to get out of the Arab-Israeli conflict: the respect of international law. The International Crisis Group launched such an appeal on the basis that the Palestinian problem is becoming the main cause for the spread of violence in the region. May be you are going to tell me that at a time when US lawmakers are changing their country's law, in a clear defiance to international law regarding their extraterritorial prisons for 'Unlawful ennemy combatants', it is utopian and naive to think of the Israeli-Arab conflict in terms of international law. May be I will agree with you. But then we have to start somewhere. Putting all our energies in resolving the Israeli-Arab conflict should be a priority for our generation.

So lets mourn the dead of Iraq but lets not forget Palestine because it is this great unjustice that is fueling the violence in the region, not only terrorist violence, but state violence, that of the state of Israel and its unconditional ally the US who are ready to burn the entire Middle east to the last soul in order to prolonge their long time expired imperialist adventure...


pierre/candide's notebooks said...

Sophia... Talk about an unhappy concordance of the two theaters: "Under Saddam Hussein, they lived a privileged life. But now, about 350 Palestinians refugees are camping in tents the Syrian-Iraq border, clinging to the hope that Damascus will allow them to enter the country and escape sectarian violence in their former home."

That's from the IHT today (http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2006/10/19/africa/ME_GEN_Syria_Iraq_Palestinians.php )

I can't fail to think, always, the extent to which "our brother Arab" nations never gave a hoot for Palestinians except as pawns--pretty much the way Lebanon was dashed about all the years of civil war, and in different ways down to our own day now.

Sophia said...

Canada is considering sixty applications for immigration from Palestinians 'living' in Iraq...
Arab states divisions and insensitivity are helping the zionists and their allies and this was from the start...It wa the Sadi king Façal el -Hijazzi who signed an agreement with Weismann consenting to the Balfour declaration as reward for the kingdoms of Iraq and Jordan for his sons promised by nobody else than Lawrence of Arabia.

dubhaltach said...

"the core problem in the middle east, the Palestinian problem"

Now I have to disagree with you again. :-) It's only a manifestation of the core problem from my POV. The core problem I believe is that the colonialists never went away. They just switched the management team for the "mission civilisatrice" to obedient locals from their respective colonial offices.

Sophia said...

I don't think we disagree. You write: ''The core problem I believe is that the colonialists never went away. ''
Israel is the first colonialist entity in the region and it won't go away neither change its colonialist strategy and that was my point.

Anonymous said...

Does your respect for international law include UN Resolution 181, the first and most significant of the UN resolutions on Israel-Palestine from which everything else flows?

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