'Democracy' by the Sword

According to a new Lancet study, 655 000 Iraqis died since 2003.

''The figure for the number of deaths attributable to the conflict - which amounts to around 2.5% of the population - is at odds with figures cited by the US and UK governments and will cause a storm, but the Lancet says the work, from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, has been examined and validated by four separate independent experts who all urged publication.''

Well, I have a question for the Pope, for Paleologos and for all the Islamophobics of the 'civilised' world:
Who is violent ?
Muhammad or the Pope ?
Muhammad or Bush ?
Muhammad or Blair ?
Muhammad or Sharon ?
Muhammad or Bolton ?
Islam or the West ?
Muslims or Freedom of Expression's liberal defenders, Muslim bashers like Bernard-Henri Lévy, Claude Lanzmann, Robert Redeker, Irshad Manji, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Chris Hitchens, Michelle Malkin, Flemming Rose, Fox news, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post... ?

I desperately need an answer because facts contradict the spin the world population is being fed day and night by the leaders of the 'peaceful and civilised' West...
And don't tell me this is Muslim violence against Muslims, what are 150 000 American and British soldiers doing in Iraq to stop all this violence ? If they cannot pacify a country like Iraq then either they withdraw admitting their failure or they do the job for which we sent them there; liberate Iraqis from Tyranny and Death. As they are doing none of this and seem, on the contrary, to be working against their mission, one must assume that their very presence is either passive negative or active negative. These soldiers are therefore participating in bringing death and misery to Iraqis by the hundred thousands in the name of 'Freedom' and 'Democracy'....

Thanks the Lancet, this is Science with a human face, unlike the Torture 'science' of the 'civilised' thugs of Guantanamo.


Richard said...

Interestingly, last night on BBC TV news, the top man from The Lancet said (paraphrased) that they don't care what BushCo or anyone else says or thinks -- they still stand by their figures.

Sophia said...

Of course they stand by their figures. When a scientific paper is published it goes throught a lot of fact checking from peers and through a lot of scrutiny. The decision to publish is taken when the editor decides that the papaer conatins evidence and that this evidence was found through a well recognised methodology...

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