Even Israel's jet set in Washington knew directly of Bush's Iraq war a year before it happened

The extent of Israel's and the US's collaboration in setting up the Middle East agenda is scandalous by all means.
Even Abramoff knew about the Iraq war from his Israeli friends back in 2002. My guess is that the American public and even their representatives didn't know as much in advance...
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Naj said...

I am Iranian and I am hoding my breath these days for a Bush strike against Iran, because Iran's powerless decorative president insists on stating "Why should Palestinians pay for the crimes that Germans committed?" [Ahmadinejad in interview with CBS' 60 minutes'] and celebrates Iran's fetal nuclear technology with yellow-cake parties!
In the world of democracy and free speech, a small speech delivered to a group of highschool students, questioning (only) the "extent" of Holocaust, appears to be constituting the justification for a nuclear war against a country, that neither has a record of aggression in its modern history, nor even a tradition of retaliation (for example against Americans when they shot down a passenger airline and decorated their commander for his brave response to threat of an airplane full of 300 or so innocent men, women and children!!) Why? Because Israelies wish to be the soul superpower of the Middle East?!

" Israel was founded as the Jews' ultimate response to the Holocaust: the embodiment of a pledge, backed by diplomatic and military power, that the Nazi genocide would not recur. " However, "Israelis divided on invoking Holocaust against Iran". I couldn't even imagine this was being debated by any degree of seriousness!!! See More at

Sophia said...


We all know that this war is not about seriousness but about an adminstration following its extremist agenda and a public lacking knowledge and criticism and on top of that being spinnedto a degree of mental retardation...
I posted a note about the petition against the Iran war, it is in my sunday post.
One thing I am not sure of: how was Bush able to have a convenient president in Iran in order to spin the war ? Or would he have done the same with any other leader but with a slightly different strategy ? At least this administration know how to beat the drums of war no matter what. The only problem is that they don't know how to win wars and to finish them, they leave it to others.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

“The extent of Israel's and the US's collaboration in setting up the Middle East agenda is scandalous by all means.”

As usual, you’ve summed up the (sad) situation quite succinctly.

For the first time in the history of mankind, a shitty second-rate statelet on the empire’s marches was able to take control of Rome, its Senate, its Supreme Court and its government…

If they were alive today, Cicero and Cesar wouldn’t believe their eyes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sophia,

Yes I saw the petition posting, thanks.

Would Bush have gone ahead with this regardless of who was the president of Iran? I am sure he would have found or created some form of a chaos to enable him to do so!

But the irony is, as tactless and as undiplomatic as the Iranian president is, what he is proposing is not really illogical is it?

1) He opposes Zionism (and this really is NOT on top of his agenda, it's just a sign irritation and an attempt at irritating), not Judaism, nor Jews, nor a Jewish state! What's wrong with opposing Zionism? Or asking for a critical dialogue about it? Why is any criticism of Zionism in the public sphere treated as blasphemy? And his animosity to Zionism is expressed rhetorically, not militaristically. He has never called to arms against the state of Israel, has he? Nor even did Khomeini! Truth is, if Iranians wanted to take action against Israel, they
would have during the Iran-Iraq war, when Israel was openly arming Iraq (and covertly arming Iran--the white water scandal, right!) and when Khomeini posed a far greater fundamentalist threat to the security of the world.

2) He protests that the Western powers need to exercise respect and dignity in negotiating with Iran and lay aside their bullying and colonial attitude! He has called Bush to public debate, has offered contracts to American companies, if they stop their
campaign of coercion. "Peaceful nuclear technology is the right of a nation." Which has happened to have signed the non-proliferation treaty as well! Won't the fundamentalist elements in Pakistan, the safe haven of Taliban and Al-Quaida make that country's nuclear power a far more contentious threat?

I can't believe I am saying this; but for the first time during the turbulent life I have lived under the Islamic Republic regime, I am supporting the position of the Iranian government. Someone has to stand up to American hegemony, And I am sure Bush will not hesitate to retaliate.

So, you are absolutely right, the conservatives in Iran and the republicans in the US have always had mutual interests! Didn't the Republicans benefit most from the Hostage crisis in the early 80s? However, a nuclear threat on Iran bears "No" justification, regardless of who is the spokesperson of Iranians! Isn't it ironic how the voices of dissent and freedom within Iran will be silenced with George Bush's crusade of security and peace?

Sophia said...


I find your comments very informative and very symptomatic of the reactions the Bush regime has been provoking by its belligerant agenda for the Middle East: hostility even from those who are not the cheerleaders of the regimes he is attacking. But believe me the neo-cons are not interested in winning hearts and minds they are just interested in the destruction of the Middle east in the best interests of Israel, and the US controlled military and oil industries.
As for the criticism of the zionist agenda, zionist brag about succeeding in equating anti-zionism with anti-semitism in the minds of many.
What we need is to reexpose some conceptual distinctions and historical truth but unfortunately not with the croporate dominated press in the west which has, in my opinion, a great responsibility in cretinising the minds of citizen
That's the sad truth and we must live with it and work against it tirelessely...

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