The W & M's anti-lobby campaign now on T-Shirts

Get your Walt and Mearsheimer T-shirts at Cafe press. Thanks Elizabeth.
P.S. I like the Ringer-T and the Green one.


Elizabeth said...

I came across the link by accident. It's probably the first time political science professors have had t-shirts!

Sophia said...

That's very significative I think. The paper is making its way in the public opinion. Bravo for finding the link. I already ordered my T-Shirts.

FurGaia said...

Hi Sophia,

Don't know whether you've seen this account of the Israel lobby debate.

I particularly like this part:

The most resonant moment of the debate was Judt's, too. He pointed out that when he had endorsed the Mearsheimer-Walt thesis, in an article for an unnamed major North American newspaper, he was asked by the editors whether he is Jewish, and told to stick that fact in the article. (Otherwise they couldn't publish it, was implicit or explicit, I'll have to check my tape). The newspaper—obviously—was the New York Times, in which Judt's op-ed taking Walt/Mearsheimer's side, appeared last April, as I recall, to stunning effect. I say resonant, and damning: Let's consider the lesson of this story: You can only speak out on this issue if you're Jewish? Oh my god, how did we get here...

[Full text]

Sophia said...

Hi Furgaia,
Thanks for the link. I will look at it tomorrow. It is half past midnight and I just finished putting the final touches to my latest post, a translation of an international call for the end of the Israeli Arab conflict. I don't know whether it will be effective or not but the call in itself gives me hope and I am going to sleep with this hope for now. My husband is away on business travel and he wouldn,t have let me stay so late to work on my blog if he was here.

Sophia said...

I get to read the account of the lobby debate on the link you sent me. It was great. Thanks again.

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