What should Hamas and the Palestinians do ?

Palestine and the Palestinians are off the international agenda. The chaos created by the active realisation of the neo-con ultrazionist American project for the New Century, the hundred thousand deaths in Iraq and the country's uninterrupted descent to hell, the criminal war on Lebanon and its civilian population, the return of Afghanistan's talibans, the international war of the Bush administration on Islam, the looming war on Iran and the revival of North Korea's nuclear ambitions and the silenced but hassle freed from accusations of anti-semitism and obediant international community, all are letting Israel and its US ally have their hands free in occupied Palestine.

Israel and the US, after imposing sanctions and boycott on Palestinians for having democratically elected Hamas, after having achieved the obejctif of starving them as herr doctor Weisglass predicted, after having ignored every land grab achieved illegally by settlers in the West bank since Sharon made 'painful concessions' by ethnically cleaning Gaza from Jews to leave it in a state of siege to its Palestinian inhabitants, after having imprisoned the majority of the Hamas elected palestinian members of parliament, after having made daily attacks and daily killings in Gaza, after having experimented new weapons on Gaza's children and destructed its fragile infrastructre, are now financing the civil war between the Fatah thugs, those who were raised on the Arab bakhchiche and who stole the first Intifada victory and dignity from the Palestinians, and Hamas.

A cloud of civil war is hanging over Palestine. Israel will soon achieve with the help of Fatah, the US and the silent international community, the last stage of its plan, the killing of the Palestinian cause amid international silence on Palestine stemming from the fact that there is international furore channeled and directed elsewhere...

Hamas should resign and not engage in a civil war with Fatah because that's what Israel and the US want, complete chaos in the ME and Palestine to hide the absence of any political will to bring peace and justice to the region. Its members should enter clandestinity, leave the government to the thugs who are accepting the money and the weapons directed at their kins and their children and their people and wait for an awakening of the international community and the international public opinion and the international law, wait for all the fury and the spin to settle, wait for Humanity to rise again...

On October 4th, while Ms Rice was visiting the middle east trying to raise support for a USraeli war on Iran, the International crisis group wrote an appeal signed by ex-head of states and governments and Human rights activists calling for an immediate end to the israeli-Arab conflict, for an opening of negociations and for the revival of all UN resolutions concerning the Israeli-Arab conflict. Nothing really revolutionary, just respect for all UN resolutions without double standards and an end to the Israeli-Arab conflict with the danger of a nuclear escalation hovering on the minds. The appeal got little if no mention at all in the Western press. Palestine is off the international agenda...

The Palestinians and we, their friends in the middle east and beyond, should keep the options for peace in the drawers for now, survive and weep. Weep for Iraq, weep for Lebanon, weep for Palestine, weep for the dead, weep for the Middle east and its children, locked across the generations in an eternal state of anger and hopelesness.


Gert said...

Good piece and I'm inclined to agree with you almost entirely. Palestinian Civil War is now one of the greatest threats the cause faces.

I have believed for a long time that a unilateral Palestinian cease-fire is needed to make progress: Palestinian resistance gives Israel, the US and the "IC" the ideal excuse to refuse any negotiations. Certainly European nations would be more inclined to apply pressure to Israel, if such a truce came about.

We have to recognise also that on the extremist side there are groups who have cheerfully disrupted any budding peace process by means of acts of terror, in the same way the Israelis have done by means of well-timed targeted assassinations. These groups are difficult to reign in.

Anonymous said...

The Palestinians will do more of the same and can only wait for a change in the international situation.

Unfortunately, their leadership is unable to transcend the gridlock that they have been put in.

The Palestinian people are determined to resist at any price and forever , if necessary. They have nothing left to lose. This is something that Usreal can't understand.

the Us and Israel do not want any negotiations or peace. They have had many opportunities which they have passed up. The rise of the extremists are a direct result the lack of a settlement and statehood for the Palestinians.

The same applies to the Syrians. Sharon said it best when he was being asked to open peace talks with the Syrians. He replied " do you want to give them back the Golan".

Israel has never been interested in peace but only expansion and conquest. The US cowboys are delighted to watch a rerun of the "Injun wars". This massacre and genocide of the native people of the Levant will continue as long as the Arab tribes remain divided.

The West is in a rush to fracture the ME tribes even further before a unifying force succeeds in uniting them.

The West is in full agreement about this .Whatever they say, this is their strategy.


Anonymous said...

Uri Avnery has as usual agreat article at http://peoplesgeography.wordpress.com/2006/10/15/uri-avnery-the-great-experiment/


Sophia said...

Gert, Issam,

Divide and conquer. There has never been a more efficient strategy to invaders and imperialists...The problem is most imperialist adventures had a term a some point, Israel is an imperialist adventure which will not have a term, so the question is also how to keep divisions and maintain them. This is what is happening in the ME. israel must understand that if it wants to stay in the region peacefully, it should abandon its imperialist strategy because it does not fit the context. It should also dissociate itself from other imperialist adventures in the ME like the American one. Right now we rae seeing the contrary...

Anonymous said...

Imperial adventures are a fix and will continue as long as they succeed. as for the Israeli project. The Zionists from the beginning realized that they need to partner with and be agents for the imperial interests of the great powers.


RandyFX said...

During the Nazi Holocaust, the Germans forced Jews to assist in death camps. But the Nazis are dead. So why should Jews cooperate with Hamas, who want to kill them.

How can Hamas (and you?) expect Israel to turn over money that will be used to fund a war against Israel?

Why should Jews (or you?) support Hamas, which trains children to be suicide bombers?

Since March 29th 2006