Who is behind the New Inquisition against Islam ?

Bradley Burston is unahppy with what is happening to Muslims in the West and he would like you to believe that this is the West's fault -Aie, these ugly racists, people of the West...While we, people of Israel are tolerant... - But in no way does Burston recognize that the new inquisition against Islam has to do with zionism and the state of Israel. Few days ago a fellow blogger Behemoth posted some profiles from a social network for college students in the US and North America (Facebook).

Here is one of them:
Name: American Friends of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces)
Type: Common Interest - Politics
Description: This group is dedicated to patriotic Americans who understand the threat posed by radical Islam, and support the State of Israel in its defiance of Global Jihad, realizing that it is in the best interest of America.
Contact InfoEmail: dskohn0620@gmail.com
Website: http://www.israelsoldiers.org/
City: Eastchester, NY

It is typical of zionists to appear as respectable and tolerant people while others throw stones in their names. But read the comments under Burston's article and discuss with young zionists, none hides his satisfaction with what is hapenning to Muslims in the West. After all, didn't Israel sell the War against Lebanon as a war against radical Islam ? And didn't Israel convince the international community to starve the Palestinians because they elected an Islamist movement ? And Isn't Israel trying to sell the War against Iran as a war to prevent a Muslim (terrorist) nation from acquiring nuclear technology ? And never forget famous pro-zionist American Daniel Pipe's early charges on Islam and especially Europe Muslim population in the 1990.

The least we can say is that Burston is not being honest in his defence of Islam and Muslims.

Thanks Issam.


RandyFX said...

RE: "And didn't Israel convince the international community to starve the Palestinians because they elected an Islamist movement?"

You are disingenuous (not honest). Israel objects to Hamas because Hamas REFUSES to honor existing agreements and instead terrorizes Israelis, NOT because it is an Islamist movement.

Anonymous said...

Hamas and the Pal deserve everything that is getting handed to them. The only righteous leader Abbas will soon get wiped out Hamas, and the Pal will continue to suffer for the next century, not from the hands of Israel, but rather self inflicted. BTW, i'm not Israeli, i'm a Lebanese.

Behemoth101 said...

I appreciate the hat tip, Sophia. Facebook is actually expanding to high schools and even companies have their own networks now! This is the closest thing we have to a digital environment where politics can be demonstrated. I would be interested to see what kind of weird metaresearch comes out of Facebook data mining.

Eid mubarak wa inti b'elef khair!

Sophia said...

Anonymous, Who cares who you are, you are just a hateful bigot and there is no place on this blog for people like you.

Sophia said...

Eid Mubarak to you too.

Anonymous said...

yes, israel is the blame in all the arabs troubles...if you have some problem its easy...blame israel...
and then you wonder why every one hates you...you are perfect-peace lovers... but israel they hate peace...they love the war...you fucking idiots...
it is so funny that you consider your self to "liberal" and "left" but you are so not objective that is amesing...you criticize everyone but you forget to look at your self somtimes...this is why people hates you.
not because that you arabs...because you think that everyone hates you.
you are always deprived...

Anonymous said...

Sophia, just stating the obvious. Sorry if you can't handle the truth. Please tell me, what have they done for themselves other than shoot themselves in the behind? They get enough anguish from Israel as it is. Poor Abbas, the only honest forward thinking leader that the Pal will ever have, and Hamas wants to kill him.

Sophia said...

To all commentators,
The comment section of this post was invaded by israel,s army of cyber propagandists commenting under anaonymous or randyfx.
Look how smart they are...

Anonymous said...

Sophia , Eid Mubarak to everyone.

Burston is undoubtedly writing from a Zionist perspective since he performed aliyah and left California 20 years ago.His writings are left of center and have been critical of Israel's policies. He is not Amira Hass

Israelis drift to the Right is unrelenting and senseless. In this atmosphere, Burston is a breath of fresh air.

Your critique of Burton's Zionism is right on target. Honesty demands that the title of his article should have read "the New Anti-Semitism "instaed of "The New Inquistion".

We need to engage ,on every level, with Jews and Israelis that are for peace and against the occupation, regardless of whether they are Zionist or anti-Zionist.

I am a strong supporter of the boycott of Israeli goods and disvestiture. It is a very effective and non-violent protest against Israeli policies.

The boycott is also a way that people can be informed about the suffering and injustice that Israel is perpetuating against a defenseless people. All my children , friends and associates know what goods to boycott.

The boycott can and should exclude artists and academics that are for peace and justice. That was done in the successful struggle and boycott of aparteid in South Africa. We should use that template in Israel/Palestine.

We need to build as broad a coalition as possible and not harm our friends.


Anonymous said...

if you want to put boycott on israel because of the "occupation"...(israel left this lands and still didn't got peace) so I call to the world to put on lebanon boycott, because hezbolla...because that there is a party in the parlament name hezbolla that killed innocent cevilians, killed soldiers without reason, sntch them...I want to put on you boycott...because most of the arabs country doesn't respect women and gays, I want to put boycott on lebanon because they killed in the 80's in sabra&shtila palestinians, I want to put boycott on lebanon 'cause they support in hezbolla...in every coin there is two sides.
if israel is criminal you exactly the same.
I know that you doesn't like to hear the true and you will ignore this post...but hi, this is free world...
I only try to explain you why is stupid and realy doesn't influential, cause you wil do boycott and israel will do boycott and the real suffer will be the weaks...palestin.

Sophia said...

I agree with you that we have to engage with Israelis or at least those individuals and movements in Israel and outside Israel who pursue a just peace between israel and its Arab neighbours and a just solution to the Palestinian problem. But we have lost so much time and so many occasions for peace while the conditions of the palestinians were constantly deteriorating that the ill intentioned on both sides should not be included in the equation
Thanks for the comment.

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