Zionism is a Failed Ideology

A great post by Behemoth where he demonstrates that zionists ask to be treated differently and with privilege while at the same time wanting to appear as any other normal state, except when it comes to accountability.

My comment:

One internal contradiction to zionist ideology is related to the notion of a 'democratic' Jewish state. If the state is to be democratic it has to allow equal treatment and rights to all, Jews and non Jews. So not only Israel discriminates against the remaining Palestinian population but it it is closely watching their percentage in the state. The founders foresaw a proportion of 60% Jews to maitain the nature of the state as Jew, the proportion now is 80 %. So Israel as a Jewish 'democratic' state is completely against the one state solution. This is my test for real zionists appearing as zionists pacifists or for those who are doctrinally intoxicated by zionism. I put down the one state solution (Which I advocate, my preferred one) and I watch their reaction. Usually they react vehemently, invoke some security reasons against the one state solution of the type: 'Israelis will not feel safe among all these Palestinians'. Well Hutus and Tutsis are living together again. Lebanese are living together again, by the way this is bothering Isarel a lot, Israel would like to see a ME divided into samll states and ethnic and religious lines so it can justify its own existence as a 'democratic' Jewish state. South Africans are living together again.

If the One state solution is not acceptable because it is not ethnically pure, all what is left to offer to Palestinians is a Two states solution. However Israel has been doing every possible brutal maneuvre including a 'painful' withdrawal from Gaza to put the road map which advocate a Two states solution in the 'Formaldehyde', according to the outspoken Dov Weissglass. And if the evacuation of few illegal settlers was so painful, don't you think that the two states solution has become impossible ? I mean the Palestinian territories cannot reasonably constitute a basis for a viable state. Withdrawing from Oslo and initiating the second Intifada by provoking Muslims in their own prayer site was the starting point for a zionist style solution, the withdrawal from any peace process, the diabolisation of the Palestinians and the final solution, getting rid of what constitutes an internal contradiction in the zionist ideology, the very existence of the Palestinians. Israel has therefore no other solution for Palestinians then killing them slowly but not softly.

This other contradiction shows that zionism is a failed ideology because it is an ideology for a perpetual state of war in the ME. And this is what is exactly happening in the ME.


Behemoth101 said...

Details, dear Sophia, mere details...

democracy, vision, human rights consistency... these are all just details.

e said...


If you suggest to Americans that they become one state with Mexico, and they don't accept it, what would your conclusions be about Americans?

If you suggest to Canadians a one state solution with the US and they reject it, what does it say about Canadians?

If some Quebecois don't want to be part of Canada, what does it say about them?

What does it say about the Kurds that they don't want to be part of Iraq?

It is only about the Israelis that you assume the worst.

The Lebanese are on the verge of a civil war. Hutus and Tutsis had and still have a very troubled co-existence.

The one state solution will only lead to misery and war even worse than today. Hong-Kong and Singapore are examples of how viable states can be formed on very small pieces of land. The Palestinians can form a state and be part of the economies of Egypt and Jordan respectively. The two state solution is viable.


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