Israel is a shame !

The first justification for the state of Israel, holocaust survivors, are being mistreated by the state of Israel who is Keeping compensation money, destined initially to these survivors, and property they initially owned, from them.

''As for the precise figures, there is a registry: Dovi Arbel, the executive director of the Holocaust Survivors Welfare Fund, estimates that of the 200,000 or so Holocaust survivors living in Israel, 20-30 percent are need of financial assistance, mainly for medical expenses. Other estimates refer to 20,000 Holocaust survivors living below the poverty line. Others, sometimes almost exactly the same sources at different times, refer to 280,000 Holocaust survivors, of whom some 80,000 live below the poverty line. ''

''However, assistance for the needy among them is not the only area in which Israel is treating Holocaust survivors disgracefully. The mistreatment started with the 273 Tehran Children, who were forced to appeal to the courts because they did not receive the few thousand dollars the Finance Ministry allotted them from the German reparations. The mistreatment continued with the millions of dollars the banks did not return to heirs of Holocaust victims - victims who before the war deposited some of their money in financial institutions in Palestine. ''

Within this context, pr. Finkelstein 's use of the term 'The holocaust industry' is plainly justified because usually an industry thrives on the exploited labour of its employees and Israel thrives on the exploitation, not only virtual but real, of the suffering of Holocaust survivors.

Mordre la main qui la nourrit. This country is a Shame !


Behemoth101 said...

True enough, the Zionist State is a shame for the reason you logically outlined.

However, I will post something refuting one point you make - and I do so only because it is of the utmost significance:

"The first justification for the state of Israel [is] holocaust survivors"

I would say, if anything, the Jewish Holocaust is a pretext for "modern" Zionist policies; and as I will soon discover to you, Israel was primarily justified by a serious of idiosyncratic political accidents starting during the Young Turk Revolution in the early 20th century.

Any connection to actual Jews, living or dead is purely coincidental!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand, israel established by the U.N, not by united states, not by Europ, by the U.N., the organization that you, the arabs, so like...

you take one articale and you decide that "israel is a shame", because it didn't behave to those holocaust survivors good enough (suddenly you care from the holocaust survivors, don't worry I will tell them that someone keep eye on them), that it, israel is a shame....
and let me say to you..what is the problem with your post, that so make me angry...if you had seen the same post on other country, you had not been published it...but if it is israel...yalla..along time ago we didn't say some bad thing on them...hypocrite...

Sophia said...


I do care about Holocaust survivors. The whole world cares about holocaust survivors more than you, more than Israel.

Anonymous said...

Its is strange that my grandfather is an holocaust survivor...but you, the one who support in shooting rockets on his home, care more than me about him.

MarxistFromLebanon said...


For starters, the UN didn't play a role since Count Bernadotte was assassinated when he came to then called Palestine.

Second, of the holocaust, only 100,000 wanted Palestine out of 3 million that Ben Gurion was gambling on. That is why the Zionists took the necessary steps to shoot down the "Jewish Refugee Act" in the USA to make sure that only Palestine they would head.

Third, how about a United Nations that was still less thn 4 years old that was founded by the United States? hmmmmm?

Fourth, again, you can't justify the expelling of a whole nation and call it legal. (Actually I wrote extensively so I won't put a zillion reason why as I am fed from re-writing them a trillion times, just check this amazing blog or behemoth101's.

I highly recommend that you read Origin of the Jews, written by an Israeli (and for crying out loud, drop the victim attitude) called Yossi Schwartz:

(The chapter of concern would be Chapter 3---) Rise of Zionism and the Holocoust)

Another nice article was written by Yossi Schwartz is called: The cold-blooded stance of the Zionists in the face of the Holocaust


Or the Marxist who called himself a Palestinian Jew's article The Jews, Israel and the Holocaust:


Last but not last least: sorry for the long post, but heck got excited (must be the new coffee brand I am trying over here in Beirut :P)


Behemoth101 said...

Sophia said:
"Still, Holocaust is the moral justification number one of zionism and this was the purpose of my post. I agree with you that zionism existed before the holocaust but without it zionism would have been accountable like any other ideological movement. The irony is that they are treating holocaust survivors like S...There was recently the experiments conducted by a zealous scientist on these people without their consent and then the compensation...I mean if it was another country than israel lagging in compensation or doing horrible things to holocaust survivors you would hear the ADL, the outcry, the legal suits, the media frenzy byt here we are, abuse done by Israel on its own population and nobody merely noticing.
How can you trust a country to be accountable as an accupying power when it cannot be accountable when it comes to its own weak, sick and aged people..."

My response:
one might ask the U.S. the same exact question...

Anonymous said...

1) if the U.N can't justify the state of israel, so what can justify it else?

2) you don't reconize the U.N. decisions, but you complain about injustice of the palestinians infront of them?

3) stop showing to your readers that zionists is some dark regime which control in israel and everybody in israel hate them...90% of the israelis are zionists if you like it or not...20% of them are radical zionists...this Yossi Schwartz, I don't know him..I haven't hear on him ...he has his opinion..I don't agree with him, most of the holocaust survivors aren't agree with him also...I can turn you to "rafa sultan", she is muslim...it is make her opinion more importent than you?

I think it is time for you, after 60 years to understand that we live here and we don't going anywhere...stop preach to wars and hate, I think both israelis and Lebanese tierd from this shit...the palestinians also...stop this hate!!! I don't hate you, we don't hate you...this is what I have to say.

Sophia said...


You are right. Do you read Tintin ? It's the same with Dupont and Dupont.

Sophia said...


I agree with you on the difference you make between pretexte and justification. It is a pretexte for zionists but in the eyes of many in the west, the holocaust is a justification for the state of Israel.
I watched Avi Moghrabi's 'Avenge but one of my two eyes'. I am sure you wil like it if you can find it in the US, I doubt though.

Behemoth101 said...

I will have to check this film out...

BTW, I loved Tintin et Milou growing up! (isn't it weird how in the English version, Milou = Snowy?)

Anonymous - two wrongs don't make a right. Besides, if all of Israel jumped off a cliff, would you do so too? Your fault logic is like saying all of America/Sri Lanka/Palestine/etc. does such-and-such, so it has to be right.

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