Israel tries to cut off Tehran from world markets

Décidément, c'est le monde à l'envers !

From The Guardian:
''Israel is launching a campaign to isolate Iran economically and to soften up world opinion for the option of a military strike aimed at crippling or delaying Tehran's uranium enrichment programme.
Pressure will be applied to major US pension funds to stop investment in about 70 companies that trade directly with Iran, and to international banks that trade with its oil sector, cutting off the country's access to hard currency. The aim is to isolate Tehran from the world markets in a campaign similar to that against South Africa at the height of apartheid.''

Read The Osterley Times comments on this article.


Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi S,

As long as Iran is overtly allied with Israel in Kirkuk (where I’m told there are numerous Persian-Judean joint-ventures engaging in lucrative construction works and other import-export operations), and Baghdad- where Persian stooges such as Al-Hakim, Chalabi and Co. are still feted as “freedom fighters” by the Neocon, it will be hard to believe that Yitzrael and Eyerann are really “enemies”.

I mean with an enemy like this, why would Israel need friends?

naj said...

Indeed, dr. V.
But hey, that doesn't mean that Israel won't try to get Iran's services cheaper! (and the people of Iran will pay for that bargain).

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