Why Blair should have read 'Lord of The Ring'

Remember who defeated the greedy blood thristy Lord of The Ring in Tolkien's novel ? Hobbits. Small peace loving creatures but obstinate and courageous.

Well I doubt Tony Blair had actually read the novel. If he had done so he might have understood that lies, unjust wars, greed, and crimes, although imposed by fear and sensationnalism, end up to be just what they are; lies and crimes. And because Tony wasn't satisfied enough with Iraq, David Kelly, Palestine, Lebanon, Cash for honours, Celebrities mansions, US style Hubris, he wanted to silence an investigation on corruption involving Arms deals. In this final act of what will be remembered as a shameful three terms mandate, Tony wanted to come to the rescue of all evils, the British Arms industry and his own.

This final act in a long history of obstructing Justice might plunge Tony's coveted Ring, and the ultimate power grab that goes with it, into the boiling lava of Mount Doom. It will be really a Hobbit like victory for Justice on a man otherwise seemingly untouchable up to now. And from here, if Justice is delivered in his lifetime, I wish Tony can be sent to a nice hell. I suggest Bush's extraterritorial facilities, some place in the Caribbean, close to this America he so much loved, so much envied, and so much obeyed...
Since March 29th 2006