Ayatollahs against AhmadiNejad

Demagogy, Unfulfilled Promises, Incompetence. Without naming AhmadiNejad, these are the words with which this notable Ayatollah from Qom and close to the now deceased first guide of the revolution and ex-president Khomeini describes the political situation in Iran to Le Monde's special correspondant.

And I must add that these are the same words one can use to describe Bush, Blair, Rice and the neocons.

" The Qoran teaches us that we should never do to the other what we don't want to be done to us. The Holocaust is history. Are we going to change the history of Nations ? I don'T understand why the government has taken this initiative for a conference on the Holocaust. . This is bad for Iran and for Islam. ''

This Ayatollah thinks that Ali Akbar Hachemi Rafsandjani, former presidential hopeful, should be the man ruling Iran and pulling it from its troubles.

Is this an isolated appreciation asks Le Monde's correspondant ? The answer is No. The Grand Ayatollah Saanei reflects the mainstream opinion among Ayatollahs in Iran toward AhmadiNejad. "AhmadiNejad has one support in Qom, the fundamentalist Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi, two or three others and some radicals. Most Ayatollah are against the 'religious populism' of AhmadiNejad and the social tensions that go with it. They prefer the ex president Rafsandjani, a highly educated cleric, adn a pragmatic who knos how to manage crises." ... ''Most Ayatollahs want a more open government. They fear that the politic of intransigeance that is being conducted in the name of religion is going to weaken the religion and the country alltogether".

Another Ayatollah mentioned the social problems pervasive among youths in modern Iran and considered that the government is ignoring these problems and diverting its energy from them...

Every war waged against a foreign country without a valid pretext in matters of national defense is a war waged against the people from the inside tio hide the problems the nation is facing at a specific moment of its history. This is firstly true of the US, and it is being generalised to the entire world with the new US foreign policy because wherever the US is facing countries with internal problems, it is promoting, by its belligerant attitude which radicalises the population, those leaders like AhamdiNejad, who have the same way of reacting to the internal problems of their country, by exporting its malaise...


N. said...

now deceased first guide of the revolution and ex-president Khomeini

Just an editorial note, Khomeini was not the president! He was never elected! He became the grand leader! Many other grand leaders such as Taleghani, and Beheshti just mysteriously dropped dead or were blown up by terrorist acts!

Rafsanjani lost election to Ahmadinejad because 1) he is perceived as an economically corrupt capitalist! 2) teh true reformists didn;t want to choose between bad and worse; thust stayed home and didn't vote!

But, Rafsanjani flows in MANY of the countries economic arteries; so I trust him he will do all in his might to stop an attack on Iran.

Rafsanjani is also more moderate, ideologically and culturally. Some days, I think it is he who is pushing Americans to pose pressure on Ahmadinejad ;)

But it is true, Ahmadinejad DOESN't HAVE any power. Have you seen the cartoons in my blog sowing Ahmadinejad and Rafsanjani's relationship?

Sophia said...


Thanks for hte precisions. I am going right now to see this cartoon. Anyway you wouldn'y hear Bush,s 'Ayatollahs' criticising him.

N. said...

you know Sophia, there is a myth that at the turn of century, the British paid the mullah's to badmouth them! If one failed to say enough bad things about the British, he would not get his weekly allowance!

One of those grandfatherly tales ... but not so untrue because teh grandfather used to work with the Brits! ;)

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