Cheerleading for War

It seems that not everybody is unhappy with the capture of the British navy by Iran's revolutionnary guard.

Some are cheering.
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Since 2001, we have been used to warmongerers, war philosophers, war intellectuals, war instigators, war terrorists, war profiteers... Now it seems is the time for war cheerleaders. Someone has to do the uneasy job of lifting the spirits...for all those people !

If you go to the BBC comment section you will find the comments calling to nuke Iran in the bottom, as the page presents the most recent comments first. So the first comments were from the cheerleaders, they were too eager to show their support for the troops. It is the same thing with the comment section in the Guardian when it comes to issues touching the Middle East; the first ones to leave their comments are the cheerleaders of the global and long war on terror, Cyberzionism Oblige !


Amy said...

Iranian chief of staff, Hassan Fayrouz Abadi, was quoted on Saturday (3/31) by Iran's Fars news agency warning leaders of Arab countries that Israel plans to open a "suicidal attack" on its neighbors this summer, to "prevent the withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq and the area."

Sophia said...


This is the article you are referring to.

Naj said...

hmm interesting article!
Doesn't surprise me!

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