Irving Lewis Libby: Guilty !

It is this simple fact, the uncovering of a lie in a chain of lies and deception that will affect the course of foreign policy of the Bush adminstration more than anything else. For to keep the ugly truth for itself this administration had to lie, small lies, big lies, any size.

The neocon ideology and agenda rest entirely on lies. Should we halt these conspirators we must continue chasing their lies down their memory holes, track their web of false beliefs and smoke them out. The stakes are great, they are not ideological, they are humanitarian. There are men, women and children dying from their lies, there are shattered lives, mourning parents and families, an entire region wrecked, an entire religion persecuted and marginalised, and a nastier world.

The Libby verdict must become an indiction for every man and woman involved in this criminal ideology that is the neocon ideology and it must become the wake up call for self criticism starting with the western 'free' press who stupidly swallowed the neocon lies and gave them the mantle of objective information. Otherwise, if we don't follow in uncovering the lies, prosecuting them and learning from them, the Libby verdict would be useless. It would come to symbolise the accidental fall of one unlucky man instead of symbolising the will of the people of the free 'world' to rise against soft opression dressed in anti-terror law.

We owe it to the children of Iraq, the children of Lebanon and the children of Palestine, all these children who died as 'pirthpangs' for the Neocons Middle East, to bring down the people who performed at great lenght the art of the big lie forgetting in the process that some things have changed since Goebbels including our unwillingness to live in a constant state of fear and war.


N. said...

Dear Sophia, wish you watched TV and heard how the Libby case is being treated: with sympathy for his family; lawyer-talking lingo, when teh pardon will come!

No one is saying anything about Cheney, or Bush, or the bigger lies, and the ones that have ended the lives of 600000 ... they just talk about the one CIA life that was jeopardized ...

I have little sympathy for CIA lives, as I hold them responsible for many a lives that are no more ...

Sophia said...

No I don't watch TV but I was listening to the radio in my car and almost everybody was sorry for the fall guy !

Fleming said...

Sophia, I'm happy to see that you are keeping on with the good work on your blog -- as N. also is on her blog.

Just wanted to mention that I researched Libby yesterday and found that he is a Jew. He studied under Wolfowitz and became a follower, participated in writing (in 2000, I think) an infamous paper on the neocon grand plan for world domination. So, it was no coincidence that he was Cheney's "adviser". You probably know all of this already. I'm planning to write about it soon.

I don't know where either of you are, but I'm in Florida, US, and I force myself to watch the least irritating TV news show I know of, Keith Olbermann. While he's quite ready to "fearlessly" attack and condemn Libby, Cheney, and Bush, every time one of his guests mentions something like the neocon grand plan, or Israel, Olbermann turns pale, blinks, and changes the subject. Disgusting. It's okay for an American newsman to mock and criticize American politicians, but not the real powers that pull their strings.

Behemoth101 said...

It's no wonder the Wall Street Journal sees no fault in the Libby case - they have no problem with deceiving the American people along the road to war!

Harry said...

Fleming, you mean Libby is a JEW? That explains a lot. Do you write for a Nazi paper?

The best solution is NO JEWS in government. That way the USA cannot be influenced by these controlling people. And it's good for Jews, because they will no longer be blamed for the world's problems, right?

Sophia said...

I would like to differentiate between jews and zionists. Otherwise we are playing the zionist game which is to confound the two.
Libby is a zionist like all neocons, Jews or not Jews. Being a Jew is something else, or at least I would like to believe that it is something else.

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