Jews Against a Jewish Vote for Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy, French presidential hopeful, has been courting the 'Jewish' vote. But we are told that there is no strictly speaking Jewish vote in France as there is no Jewish vote in the US. What do we really know about that ? What we know is that there is indeed a community voice, and most of the time, this voice, even if it does not represent a homogenous attitude, neither the opinion of the majority in the community, is the only voice heard, and it is heard through the official voice of the state of Israel. When a candidate courts the Jewish community, the real influence is established through Israel where the public stand for the candidate becomes official and reverberates on the diaspora. The support committee for Sarkozy in Israel, for example, has just emitted a post stamp honoring Nicolas Sarkozy for his open support for the Jewish state ! (An information found by Ibn Kafka) This measure can have a certain influence when we consider that most French Jews are binationals and serve in the Israeli army ! Sarkozy's own advisor at the interior ministry, Arno Klarsfeld, has fought in the Israeli army, not only against the Palestinians but also during Israel's wars on Lebanon !

When Jews are binationals there is great chance that they are not going to vote against the interests, or what is officially considered as the interests, of the state of Israel !

I think the initiative of France's Jews is to be commended but it will bear little weight for the rest of the community when compared with the open enthusiasm of the Jewish state for the candidate Sarkozy. This is what is wrong with Israel as a Jewish state; it monoplises Jewishness, absorbs any diversity within the Jewish community and marginalises it, reducing it to a secondary phenomenon at best ar a self hating enterprise at worst, because every Jew who will be against Israel will be considered as being against all Jews. Thus the Jews of the diaspora cannot behave as free individuals, their political choices are always dictated by the community choice and the community choice is always in the direction pointed by the state of Israel. Individual Jews can always mark their difference of opinion but it will never be heard because what is heard in the community is the voice of Israel as a Jewish only state !


fatima said...

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Marko Božić said...

I think that Sarkozy is a great scam made upon people of France. He will not stop further immigration, he will not do anything with immigrants now in France, he will outrage moslems with support for Israel and France is going to become a target for islamist terrorists.
His Jewish origin is key in his policy towards US and Israel. If he wants to protect French civilization, than some urgent measures have to be taken.

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