The Life and Death of Tom Hurndall and the Courage of his Mother

''In April 2003, 21-year old Tom Hurndall was shot in the head in Gaza by an Israeli soldier as he tried to save the lives of three small children. Nine months later, he died, having never recovered consciousness. Emine Saner talks to his mother Jocelyn about her grief, her fight to make the Israeli army accountable for his death and the book she has written in his memory.''


Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi So,

Getting away with murder.

It’s an old habit for rightwing Israeli thugs and their ultra-orthodox rabbi friends at The Pentagon.

Sophia said...


It is not only right wing but all israeli governments have practised targeted killings under the cover of errors and mistakes. When hurndall died, he wasn't the only westerner targeted and israel wanted to send a clear message, westerners must leave Gaza. They didn't want external witnesses for their horrors.
They also pay Palestinian thugs to kidnap western journalists...

Since March 29th 2006