US Policy New 'Turn' in the ME: 'Iraqi Bloodshed Is Not Our Responsibility'

What did I tell you before ? When I heard of an invitation made to Syria and Iran to join talks on security for Iraq's neighbours in Baghdad, I didn't think, like most professional western analysts, that this was a turn in the Bush's adminstration policy in the ME. I immediately thought that this was the Bush adminstration's way to pin the blame of the bloodshed in Iraq on Syria and Iran !

Zionists and Neocons alike have been promoting the idea of a bloodshed between Sunnis and Shias as the main obstacle to peace and stabilisation in Iraq. Forgotten are the first gulf war, the embargos on Iraqi populations, the 2003 illegal invasion of Iraq and the destruction of a whole country and society, the looting of Iraq's oil resources and cultural heritage, and the presence of 150000 active US soldiers making sure Iraqi puppet politicians are doing what the US asks them to do. Now we are invited to believe that the problem of Iraq is between the hands of Sunnis and shias in Iraq and the rest of the ME. From now on, the nightmare in the ME is not the US and Israel's faults, it is the fault of Muslims fighting each other and Palestinian factions fighting each other. Some Arab fools are buying into this narrative, king Abdullah of Jordan for example. Speaking of, why Jordan is not named as responsible for Iraq's security ? That's a question the Bush adminstration would have to answer and that no journalist will ask.

Today, at the opening of the talks, US puppet Iraqi prime minister Nouri El Maliki is reproted to have ''issued a stern warning that unless Iraq's neighbours - including Iran and Syria - united to help to shut down networks supplying both Sunni and Shia extremists, Iraq's escalating sectarian bloodshed would inevitably engulf the Middle East.''

And to realise that this conference on the stabilisation of iraq is a farce one must listen to puppet Maliki asking neighboring countries to stop their interference in Iraq while he seems to be confortable with 150000 USW soldiers in his country and a US adminstration dictating Iraqi policies.

Well, the US wages illegal wars in the world and asks others to take responsibility for the post-war stabilisation. As in Afghanistan where an alliance, once powerful, is battling a guerrilla made of few radicals and fundamentalists.

Nobody should follow the US on this path. Reason must prevail and countries around the world should boycott the Bush adminstration or any adminstration who conducts such a failing and irrational policy. This nonsense must stop ! We shoudl ask our governments not only to stop supporting this policy but to fight it tirelessely to curb the actual terrible state of the world !

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N. said...

take a look at my new post, Sophia. I don't think people WANT to allow US on such paths. It just goes on such paths because it CAN!

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