Neocon with a French passport:Nicolas Sarkozy by his own words

The document is 106 pages long and is a portrait of Sarkozy, his political action as finance minister, and later as interior minister, and his political program. The document was researched and written by and for the French socialist party. It concludes that Sarkozy is a neocon (meaning a US import) with a French passport. (link to the text in French)

Here are some excerpts which quote Sarkozy himself:

The apology of the communautarist religious model
In his book 'The republic, religion and hope' Sarkozy writes "I believe that religious practice and religious belief can contribute to appease and regulate a free society...The leaders of the French church can initiate a debate on the necessity to build synagogues, churches and mosques in the suburbs. It is as important to devote spaces for religious cults in big urban zones as it is for sports, the latter have been very useful ! Our main concern should be focused on the ideals for the future young generation. There are all these youths who don't believe in anything, that's a challenge for all religions !"
To put it in a nutshell, for sarkozy the neoliberal, the only way to calm the growing discontent of the economically left behind by neoliberalist policies is to give them the opium of faith and organised religion. Quebec had this model cultivated by the Catholic church who was connivant with the English occupier and was later endorsed by Quebec's first nationalists like Maurice Duplessis who was a a conservative and a clerical fascist. There is a church in Montreal, Notre Dame de La defense, in little Italy, where you can admire Mussolini on his horse. The excuse for maintaining Mussolini in the painting is because it was made to commemorate the agreement by which Mussolini gave the Vatican its independance.

Sarkozy on Security
Sarkozy is known for his repressive attitude toward delinquancy and other social problems. In November 2006 he declared "We have to open a debate on the question of minimal sentencing for young and second offenders guilty of crimes against other persons". Sarkozy is also known for an attempt to promote on the national level the screening of children in daycares for conduct disorders, at the national level, and to track those who are thought to be vulnerable to developp them and send them to the approrpiate medical services. In this attempt, he tried to misuse a research report on behavioural disorders in children. 'Dr' Sarkozy reiterated recently his biological determinist approach to social order by declaring to philosopher Michel Onfray that pedophiles are born pedophiles and that behavioural and mood disorders, like suicidal behaviour, are genetically determined.
Here is a link to a book (which can be downloaded for free) written by a French magistrate opposed to Sarkozy revealing very disturbing practices of Sarkozy as an interior minister.

Bush's clone and Sarkozy the American
"Some in France call me Sarkozy the American. I am proud of this. I am a man of action, I do as I say and try to be pragmatic. I share many of the American values" declared sarkozy in April 2004 before the American jewish committee (AIPAC).
Read here Patrice de Beer's Sarkozy the American.

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