Sarkozy the ruthless demagogue

Naima Bouteldja on the wannabe president.
Sarkozy, like Bush, is unfit to become president, and if he becomes president 'French are going to suffer' hell (dixit Michel Rocard).


Wolfie said...

I recall I little while ago I commented that I thought that Sarkozy was a "false prophet", in spite of his "Thatcherist credentials" (something which I think France could benefit a little from). You disagreed with me then, so its interesting to see you harden towards him now as the election draws near. Lets hope the French people make a wise choice when the day comes but I do sympathise that they don't have a great set to choose from and lets face it, when Blair steps down neither will we.

Sophia said...

We don't have a great choice and that's a fact. I really believe Sarkozy is a 'danger public' even more dangerous in my opinion than Le Pen. The man is infatuated with himself. If I have to think of a comparison I may cite John Bolton...

homeyra said...

Have you seen this one: Disco Sarko!


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