Gaza: The Jailed State

Found on Pierre Tristam's Candide's Notebooks. This article was published originally in the New Statesman on May 28th.

A dark portrait of occupation and of a popualtion's descent into hell. Go the end of the original article in the New Statesman to read the readers comments.

Key dates in history of the Gaza Strip. Note that this chronology, published at the end of the article, omits 1948 and can potentially mislead people into thinking that Gaza was an Egyptian territory and never a Palestinian one. Before 1949, Gaza had some 45 Palestinian villages

1949 Egypt occupies strip following 1948 Arab-Israeli War

1956 Occupied by Israel after Suez War, in which Israel, France and Britain attack Egypt. International pressure forces Israel to withdraw in 1957

1967 Recaptured by Israel in Six Day War. United Nations calls on Israel to withdraw

1970 First Jewish settlement in Gaza

1987 First Intifada. Hamas is formed

1993 Oslo Accords. First Intifada ends. Palestinian Authority takes control of strip

2000 Ariel Sharon visits al-Aqsa Mosque, sparking the Second Intifada

2005 Israel withdraws troops but maintains control of the strip's borders and airspace

2006 Hamas wins elections. Crippling economic sanctions imposed on new government because of its refusal to renounce violence and recognise Israel. Clashes between Hamas and Fatah militants become commonplace

2007 Fatah and Hamas form unity government but fail to prevent factional fighting. Israeli air strikes continue to kill civilians.

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