Current events in Gaza and the western Politic of isolation

The politic of isolation practiced by the US, Israel, and largely the EU, against the democratically elected Hamas government, has a direct responsibility in what is happening now in Gaza. This is the opinion of international experts, French, Norwegian and of the UN special coordinator for the peace process in Israel/Palestine.

International hypocrisy (In French)



Anonymous said...

The world is looking for Palestinians to assume responsibility for their acts. Is everyone so terrified of Hamas that no one can denounce their war crimes?

Hamas committed war crimes in the Gaza Strip during the events of the past several days, in which at least 160 Palestinians were killed and over 700 wounded in the bloodiest surge of fighting yet between Hamas and Fatah. Those responsible for the crimes should be brought to trial.

Reports of violence last week included Hamas fighters taking Fatah prisoners outside and executing them in public, in front of their wives and children. There is video footage of Hamas throwing prisoners off the roof of buildings.

Elizabeth said...

Weren't the people Hamas executed those who'd been responsible for torture and executions of Hamas members?

Anonymous said...

In Ramallah, Abbas gearing up to establish another Palestinian unity government, one which endorses Hamas as masters of Gaza and grants Abbas wall-to-wall approval at the top of the Palestinian tree instead of a flop in Gaza.

John said...

If Israel truly wanted to change the relationship which it has with the Palestinian peoples, it should have pushed strongly with Jordan and Egypt to form a peace-keeping garrison during this period of factional violence between Fatah and Hamas. At the same time, by joining with Hamas and Fatah at both the diplomatic table to re-establish political relations and on the ground to meet humanitarian needs as well as to help restart and monitor commercial/market-based activities in both the West Bank and Gaza.

Too bad that didn't happen. But, as an American I understand why Israel isn't doing anything: like us, self-concern and zealous territoral /cultural isolationism tends to make them not give a damn except when their neck is on the line.


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