The Movies and Music of Angelopoulos and Karaindrou

I love Music. All sorts. But I have a special relationship to music. I tend to listen compulsively to music when I am emotional as a kind of therapy. The rest of the time I can stay for days without it.
Recently I was in Greece and Turkey and had the occasion to listen to some beautiful music. Yesterday I was trying to post some popular Greek songs on my blog and did not succeed. I have the files on my windows media player and on itunes but I don't know how to transform the files. I looked for some links to Greek music to embed in my blog and I disovered this tribute to Theo Angelopoulos's Ulysse's Gaze, a man looking for his roots and the roots of his people in today's broken, and sometimes bleeding, nations of the former Ottoman empire.
The movie is a masterpiece and it is served well by the beautiful music of Greek composer Eleni Karaindrou. Some of the themes of Ulysse's Gaze music can be found in the soundtrack to another Angelopoulos Masterpiece interpreted by Bruno Ganz, Eternity and a Day. It is about a lonely aged man who travels from one place to another, and from one memory to another, in order to find a family or a carer for his dog before he dies and becomes unable to take care of him, and who is given a new sense to his life's end by an immigrant little boy living in the streets.

Ulysse's Gaze

Another scene from Ulysse's Gaze with a demoted statue of Lenin traveling the Danube between Constanza and Vienna to end up in some German rich collectionneur's property.

Eternity and a Day


Ann said...

Hi Sophia,
There are a number of audio file sharing sites that allow you to embed in your blog, such as odeo.com After registering, you can upload the file(s) from your computer if it hasn't already been uploaded there, at http://studio.odeo.com/upload

Good luck and hope this helps.

Sophia said...

Thanks Ann for the tip.

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