Iraq Set To Disintegrate And With It The Entire Middle East

The only constant feature to the US policy in the middle east had been to break unity, any kind of unity, arab nationalism, nurtured by secularism in the 70s, and now that this Nationalism was replaced by Islamism, the US is arming Sunnis against Shias. Look at Iraq, it is an example of what will happen in any multiethnic country in the ME where the US has influence. This is too convenient for Israel to hold it innocent in this killing game. Actually, only the Israelis are finding that the Iraq war is a success. Israel and Saudi Arabia are the only monoethnic states in the region, no wonder why they were and still the US's strongest allies. If the middle east breaks apart in small ethnic states, those two countries will benefit the most. Saudi Arabia will not appear as an awkward religious state anymore, and Israel, after refusing to give a viable state to Palestinians can refuse to include Palestinians in a binational state. It would also be unfair to accuse Bush alone of this mess. The US policy was set in this direction before him.

Iraq is set to disintegrate. The report, written by Guido Steinberg, suggests that federalism will be the only hope for Iraq. We have been hearing the federalist siren for a while now (we are hearing it also in Lebanon from USrael's allies there). And even this will not be the end of the mess created by Bush and USrael in Iraq.

"The sectarian wrangling means, the study says, that the best solution -- that of a federalism free of ethnic and religious divisions -- has largely been rendered impossible. But even a federalism resting on the ethnic divisions that have been established seems challenging given the opposition from within the Shiite and Sunni factions to such a solution.

And that's not to mention the opposition of other countries in the region. "The discussion within Iraq is influenced to a large degree by the interests of neighboring countries," the report states. "Due to their potential to become involved, the Iraq federalists have to take their positions into account. And Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Syria all reject the ethnic-religious federalism model out of hand." Military intervention from Iraq's neighbors to protect their interests, particularly from Turkey in the north, is a very real possibility, the report warns."

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Anonymous said...

"This is too convenient for Israel and Saudi Arabia"

Let be more clear here, not just them, Iran the other party that Iraqi chaos is convenient too.

Almost most the neighbors to Iraq have get their share of all of this. either directly by getting the benefits free trades and huge smuggling goods without nay checks (even its poisonous, expired, rubbish) its all shipped to Iraq and who cares in the end millions goes to those neighbors, some neighbors get paid for the support of war by US, some neighbors paid for training Iraqi Forces...Hahaaaa... so and so forth.

But the bottom line Iraq not just cradles of civilizations but also a cradle of Goodness and Wealthness

Since March 29th 2006