Zionism, Land Theft, and Racism, are Blatant Violations of Democracy and Human Rights by Israel

Last week the Knesset passed in preliminary reading a law that would require the Jewish National Fund (JNF) to allocate land that it owns only to Jews. Presumably this means that Jews who are not citizens of Israel would qualify, but Israel's Arab citizens would be barred from access to land owned by the JNF. A blatant violation of the norms of democracy.

And I am not going to cheer, like some bloggers, the courage of the few Israelis who voted against the law. They must have known before what Zionism means. These people have voted for the July war on Lebanon last year, they voted for all the other racial laws of their country, otherwise, they would not be sitting where they are retaining their right to vote on their country's laws. Their vote is only late posturing, and an attempt at clearing their conscience, against a very dangerous ideology.

Watch the video: Land theft continues in Palestine

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