Israel lobbying to import nuclear material

I wonder why Haaretz featured this information today. I mean Israel already has 20 nuclear heads or more, and everybody knows it. And nuclear material seems to be available to anybody nowadays, in war and conflict sensitive regions as well as in dictatorships, Pakistan, India, Lybia, etc..., except in Bush's axis of evil.

The only explanation why Haaretz planted the story today in their paper, while the world is buzzing with a possible nuclear attack on Iran, is that such a story may have some immediate impact; provoke fear of a nuclear Israel in the Arab world, normalize Israel's officially hidden nuclear program by exposing it in the context of an Iranian threat, legitimize a nuclear race in the public opinion in the ME, precipitate the race (if there is any, because, in the opinion of many experts, Iran is far from having the bomb), and step up the pressure on the international community regarding Iran by showing Israel's willingness to come forward with its nuclear program.

Israel and Israelis seem to be impatient to get rid of Iran's nuclear program to the point they are ready to start talking about their own by choosing a defencive context at a time Iran is presented to the world as a major nuclear threat. The story, as it is published today, is a perfect example of how the news have become the echo chamber of the governments' spin.

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