Forgetting Gaza

This is a link to a special page on Gaza from The Guardian.

Under external pressure from Israel and the international community, and internal pressure from Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas who adopted the international community's coercive position against Hamas to get rid of it as Fatah's main political competitor for power, Palestinians in Gaza are suffocating.

Gaza is looking more and more like the Warsaw Ghetto, no electricity, no food, no medical care, and violence is rising. If you look at the video titled 'medical Emergency', part 1 of a three parts series on Gaza by Clancy Chassay for The Guardian, you will see at one point the camera focusing on a child while adults are screaming of despair.

I wouldn't like being in Gaza right now, let alone being a child there.


Wassim said...

Those Palestinians can't seem to understand that they have to surrender. Why don't they just roll over and be 'moderate'?

Ahmet said...

Hamas is in a very unusual position. Has there ever been a situation like this? Hamas is at war with Israel, shooting rockets. But it cannot function without Israeli cooperation especially at the borders, and turning over tax revenues.

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