Trouble With Technorati

I have had some serious trouble with Technorati. I joined Technorati long after I opened this blog, about a year after, in August 2006, as a way of tracking links to my blog.

I noticed that sometimes, Technorati would not show some of the links to my blog. However, since the beginning of this summer, things derailed when suddenly Technorati cut in the total number of my links, more than 50, and later 200, links disappeared, while continuing to miss many of the important links to my blog. I wrote them four times and received the same unhelpful automatic answer over and over again. So I decided I don't need Technorati but I haven't been able to unsubscribe.

Do you have any alternative to suggest to me ? Or at least how to unsubscribe ?



Richard said...


While I can't answer your question I can certainly confirm your claim thet Technorati is now a total joke. It's worthless/meaningless - and has been for some considerable time.

I've had the same problems with it as you have. As have others I know.

The only reason I still bother with it at all is that it's sometimes useful as an extra 'search engine' - of sorts.

Sophia said...

Thanks Richard for your comment.

Naj said...

what is technocrati? ;)

M Bashir said...

same over here with me too :-)

as someone said the other day, even the managers of TR dont trust it anymore.

anyway you dont have to unsubscribe since remaining is harmless...

Sophia said...

Technorati is a search engine that track links to your blog and your blogposts. It gives your blog a ranking depending, not on the links made to your blog's main page, but on the number of links made in the last 180 days to your blogposts. It also takes into account the total number of links to your blogposts. It shows you both, and my problem is that Technorati has cut in the total number of links to my blogposts and was not showing many of the recent links.

Dubhaltach said...

I think everyone has that problem right now Sophia and has had for the past few months.

We sometimes put in technorati tags into our posts but we've never bothered to sign up with them. That seems to bump up the links.

If you use windows - there are two good blog editors which can do this for you:

Zoundry and .... promise not to scream .... Windows Live Writer (Beta) from Microsoft.

Of the two probably the Microsoft Beta is the most user friendly Zoundry is nicer if you know a bit of HTML.

Both make it easy to put in tags to technorati, icerocket, etc.

We haven't found any hafway decent blogging client for Apple which is ..... odd .....

PS: I never thought I'd praise a piece of Microsoft software.

Sophia said...


Thanks so much. I will try to follow the advice.

Ted said...

I have the same problem. I just ignore it now and. I can't unsubscribe either.

You might try blogflux.

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