Yesterday In Iraq

Security Guards fired randomly, killed two women.


Naj said...

unrelated but I hope to get a reading club going on! I thought I should hint you at it!

Sophia said...

Yes Naj,

I always knew That Iranians didn't give a damn about Palestine.
It is true that it is only recently that rhetorics on both sides shifted. Well, Israel, as it decided to get rid of both the ME and its periphery, presents itself mow as the leading country in the global fight against radical Islam, so what to make of these mullahs ? On the other hand, Iranians leaders who were never close to pro palestinian rhetoric are forced into it by being officially diabolised by Israel.

This kind of neocon genius politics doesn't make sense. It is against old fashion cynicism in Politics. I think one has to take into account the weight of the zionist Christian vote in shaping this politic which is against common sense. More than six million US citizens are waiting for the rapture and what if a mullah get in their way ?

This new world order, that is a fake creation of the neocons and the zionists (a tautology i know), being Jews or Chritsians, will soon falter. All the signs are here. We however, as well as the next generation, will be left with a huge mess to clean up.

Dubhaltach said...

Thanks for linking to that Sophia. I heard from Dad who says the situation in Irak is the worst he's ever seen it and that every time you think it can't get worse … it gets worse.

On a related topic - today is the 5th anniversary of H.J.RES.114 Title: To authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against Iraq (the Senate followed a day later.) As you say - it will be a long time before this mess is cleaned up and some of us aren't going to forget.

Hope you're well.


Naj said...

Sophia, can you point to me any government who REALLY does give a damn about Palestinians?!

Were the concerns of the world genuine, their problem would not have survived for 60 years.

Israel/Palestine's problem exists to fill the pockets of gunrunners!

Sophia said...


Thanks for dropping by.

"Every time you think it can't get worse … it gets worse." This reminds me of the inferno of the civil war years I lived in Lebanon. The most bizarre is, for people living inside the inferno, and I remember this very well, what keeps us going is the hope that every day we wake up will be the end of the ordeal, that it cannot go like this forever.

Hope is very treacherous when you are caught in a civil war.

And I don't give a damn that in the US they keep denying that Iraq is in a civil war. They don't want to acknowledge their responsibility in launching civil wars on a 'civilising' missionary premice.

Sophia said...


Yes you are right. And among the people who don't give a damn about Palestine are many Palestinian leaders. And Palestine has many bad defenders. You just have to browse the blogosphere to realise that the 'I blog for Palestine' is a network infiltrated by Israelis.

Palestinians should just throw away their leaders and start fighting peacefully for their civil rights with the objective of a one state solution. Else, what to make of this messy gruyère which are the occupied territories now ?

Jeb Koogler said...


I'm not sure if you've already seen this, but I wanted to pass along this YouTube video of security contractors operating in Iraq: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv6Fd9iCIvQ

It typifies the kind of Wild West behavior we've come to expect from these guys.

Sophia said...


Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment and a link to a video which I will be watching later today.

I think the problem with the security contractors hired by the US government is that they are not ethically committed, like a regular army, to end the war. And I am not speaking here about the treatment of Iraqi civilians.

It is in their interest to perpetuate the war, it is their business after all. And I think that the way they behave with Iraqi civilians is just the tip of an iceberg of a perverted ideology of war. Wars should be conducted by armies and not by private contractors.

Think about the health care system in the US. The fact that it is mainly in the hands of private interests has corrupted the very notion of health care in total disregard for the lives of their fellow citizens. So why one should expect private security companies to care about the lives of foreign citizens?

Amre El-Abyad said...


Many peopl cared about Palestnaions, the Arab countries who fought Israel in 1948 cared about them. Gamal Abdel Nasser cared about them, he replied to an American peice offer in 1968 by saying Palesine before Sinai. Sadam Hussien who opened the doors of Iraq to Palestinians cared- the man used to give $25,000 to the familly of each Palestian kille by the Israelis.

Average Arab people care about Palestinians! why do Jordanians, Lebanese and Egyptians reject Israel? I wont talk about governments of course

Since March 29th 2006