Annapolis blues

For the time being, I am not inclined to post about Annapolis. The whole thing is a farce. Helena Cobban had a very good post yesterday on her blog discussing the Israeli-Palestinian versus the Israeli-Arab conflict, and the near absence of the second from Annapolis. I am only going to contemplate this picture of Abbas (from Reuters) shown escorted and in 'good' hands. The picture alone tells the story of what will happen to the Palestinians at Annapolis.

Uri Avnery delivers a very lucid analysis of the chances for peace resulting from the Annapolis conference.

UPDATE, December 1st, 2007:

From The New York Times: US pulls a UN resolution disliked by Israel.

US withdraws Mideast resolution at UN
. Basically because Israel doesn't want to be bound by any UN resolution, and the US is not behaving as a peace broker by acting in compliance with Israel's interests first. Oh, and don't tell me they are concerned by the Palestinians because the Palestinians didn't read the resolution, as the article suggests. That's ridiculous because nobody speaks for the Palestinians at this conference.

Picture found on Angry Arab.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sophia
it looks like you are boycotting a historic conference. it is easy to be cynical about it, but now is the time to encourage the parties, not discourage them. It feels like you picked on a random photo (that actually shows the parties being friendly and respectful to each other).

As for Syria-Israel, which side has more to lose by trusting the other?

Israel is being asked giving up territory to a hostile govt. Syrica is being asked to simply recognize Israel. Later on, Syria can easily always break off relations. But Israel cannot easily re-take Golan Heights.

Sophia said...


Thanks for this gem: "Israel is being asked giving up territory to a hostile govt. Syrica is being asked to simply recognize Israel."

So Israel has the right to take an keep, as you suggest, the land of all hostile governments ?

You people will always surprise me. It is not only Palestine and the ME who are the victims of zionists but also Truth and Logic.

Ted said...

Bush and Israel don't want peace.

They are just doing this so they can say that they tried.

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4326

Gert said...

Avnery's piece was great.

Tss, tss, Sophia: the Israelis ARE willing to compromise; they are willing to give up some outposts, don't you know? (wink!) Trailers for Peace, as it were...

Anon is one of these flyby commenters who's read something about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict last Tuesday...

Sophia said...

From where he is now, Olmert risks nothing. I was surprised he was so reserved. But again speaking of suffering is not enough. I would have preferred him speaking of rights, the rights of all people in the area to live in dignity and peace.

Sophia said...


How can Bush, who sold am unjust war to the American poeple, and Olmert, who conducted another unjust war on lebanon last year, know what peace is ? Now I know that the saying goes that one never goes to war without a plan for peace, and that the two processes are interdependant, but we know that both these men went to war without a plan for peace and that the Annapolis peace conference is another plan for a war against Iran.

Randy said...

did you hear that in Saudi Arabia a gang rape victim girl has been sentenced to jail time and also flogging. Do you think that is normal? Do you think Saudi Arabia is a normal country when they flog a rape victim? How can anyone make a deal with S.A. and expect them to be rational about it?

Sophia said...


Saudi Arabia and Palestine are different countries. Thank you for reminding me that SA is a backward country but I don't need that. I keep criticising the kingdom. But it happens that this same kingdom enabled Israel, and it is Israel,s and the US's stauchest ally in the ME. That's the other half of the truth. All backward regimes in the ME, from Jordan, to Egypt, to SA, to the UAE, are Israel's best allies.

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