Australia's Howard campaign caught distributing fake leaflets playing on anti-Muslim sentiments

"Bogus flyers from a fake organisation called the Islamic Australia Federation were distributed through the letterboxes of voters in a marginal seat, claiming the Labor opposition sympathised with Islamic terrorists.
...A team of Labor officials found five men posting the clumsily printed flyers - the phrase Allah Akbar, God is Great, had been misspelled as Ala Akba - through letterboxes in the early hours of the morning.

Lesson: In order not to be caught playing dirty tricks to one's political opponents now, one must know how to spell 'Allah Akbar'.


Richard said...


Typical of such obnoxious, ignorant idiots, Sophia.

(A) That they're so disgustingly dishonest.

And ...

(B) That they're so downright dumb.

Remember the (now internationally (in)famous and regularly ridiculed) photo of the American moron holding the 'moran' sign?

Sophia said...

Hi Richard,

What worries me is that this kind of misinfirmation, if done by intelligent people, can do serious harm. I suspect we are being submitted to such misinformation.

Richard said...

Sophia, without a doubt, we are. On a daily basis.

Since March 29th 2006