Thousands protest in Jerusalem Against Annapolis

Annapolis is a very crowded conference and I wonder why it needed to be crowded. It looks like Bush, Rice, and Cheney are trying to build yet another coalition.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sophia
did you hear that over 100,000 protested in Gaza too? I guess there are some things in common in Gaza and Jerusalem.

i think the reason so many countries are at Annapolis because it's important that the Palestinians do not feel like they are on their own. In 2000 at Camp David, Arafat was on his own. He did not have the support of the Arab world, and he could not close a deal. Hopefully this time the longterm outcome will be more successful.

Anonymous said...

A crowded but empty conference.

Bush's Annapolis "Peace" initative is just another partition resolution coming almost 60 years to the day of the 1947 UN partition Resolution on Palestine.

The Palestinians will reject this plan again because it falls short of their minimum demands.

Why are they always offered something which the Israelis and their patrons know they will reject? I hope that they will wake up and see that a one state solution is their only salvation.

Annapolis is not a conference for peace but an attempt to build a coalition for the coming war against Iran and its allies in the region and to bolster Abbas and Saniora.

Lebanon will again be one of the battlefields and I cannot see us electing a president or moving ahead politically after this conference.

The only wildcard are the Syrians. If they jump ship, then we and the Syrians will be spared.


Anonymous said...

Do you expect Israel to negotiate itself out of existence? The whole world is working toward a 2 state solution. Palestinians want their own state (never mind that Palestinians are a majority of Jordan). Israel is not going away, and wants to preserve itself as a Jewish state, just like Iran wants to be an Islamic Republic. Arafat could have closed a deal in 2000 but he was afraid he would be assassinated.

Sophia said...


I don't usually publish comments from the following IP 68.175.122.

The two anonymous comments come from there. the second comment from anonymous is clearly satisfying. One can see where zionists have taken their model of a religious republic. The fact that it is the other way around and that the comment is totally anachronic doesn't bother our friend. For the time being, I am not inclined to post about Annapolis. Helena Cobban had a very good post today on her blog. I am only going to post a picture of Abbas in good hands, the picture alone tells the story of what will happen to the Palestinian problem at Annapolis.

Anonymous said...

do you prefer the 2 state solution or a 1 state solution?

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