What is going on in Afghanistan ? Listen to Malalai Joya

While Nato and the Canadians are congratulating themselves on 'progress' made in Afghanistan, political activist Malalai Joya, who was recently ousted from the Afghan parliament, is denouncing US policy there. I listened to her speaking with Anna Maria Tremonti at The Current's CBC.

She is describing a reality that is hidden from us here in the West. The US, she says, is not interested by democracy in Afghanistan. The US is financing the Northern Alliance thugs against the Taliban thugs. It is supporting a corrupt government and alienating the population.

There will be more on this blog on this courageous young woman. Meanwhile, Hirsi Ali defenders, Salman Rushdie and Bernard-Henri Lévy, are keeping mumm about Joya and her likes. Her case is not mediatic enough for them, neither neo-con friendly enough, nor Islamophobic enough.

The difference betweenn Hirsi Ali and Joya is that Joya is telling the truth about her government and Ali has been always telling lies about Islam. The other difference is that Hirsi Ali is telling the west what it wants to hear and Joya is telling the west what it does not want to hear.

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