Al-Qaida attacks Annapolis peace conference

My first thought: Who cares ?
My second thought: that's too much honor for Annapolis.

My two thoughts pulled together: Everything Bush does is a failure and everything Al-Qaida does is a failure too, and each party's media appearances are meant to save the other from its repeated failures.

Thanks the media.

Annapolis Blues


Elizabeth said...

Well I guess the upside is that if the media keep giving Al Qaida free publicity, maybe they'll have less incentive to bomb us again. I mean why bother blowing stuff up when you can get press by issuing video statements?

Dubhaltach said...

Sophia have you seen this?

"Les bulletins de santé alarmants, les listes de migrants n'en finissent pas de s'allonger. Dans l'avalanche de nouvelles venues d'Irak, du Liban, de Palestine ou de Turquie, qui s'intéresse encore à la minorité des chrétiens d'Orient - 10 millions, en incluant les 6 millions de coptes d'Egypte -, à ces Arabes qui ne sont pas musulmans, qui brouillent le jeu international binaire (Israël-Palestine, Occident-islam), sont "trop orientaux" pour être compris des Occidentaux, "trop chrétiens" pour l'être des courants laïques et progressistes ? "Qui se préoccupe du destin de ce tiers exclu du grand récit Occident versus Orient ou McDo contre djihad", a demandé Régis Debray lors d'un colloque que l'Institut européen en sciences des religions (IESR), qu'il préside, et l'Ecole pratique des hautes études (EPHE) viennent d'organiser à Paris. …"

Les chrétiens d'Orient et l'islam radical, par Henri Tincq

Sophia said...


That's a perspective I never thought about. However, calming Al-Qaida this way is still doing harm, mental harm I think...

Sophia said...


I read Tink's article. I agree with the idea that in the radicalisation process, the only culture of tolerance, the culture that survived in the orient, is mostly carried by Chritian minorities. As a Christian by education I idetify totally with this. We are at odds withe the radicalisation process and we are the first to pay the price. But go tell this to the American Christian zionists, or to the zionist Jews, they don't care...The only Christian who care are actually those who had to endure persecutions in Europe and still have the memories, across geenrations, of Europe's religious wars...

Sophia said...


Sorry for the typing errors in my previous comment. I was on the rush today shopping for the week and for Christmas, we are expecting 35 to 40 cms of snow here for the next 24 hours and this is the second big tempest, we had three in total up to now. before Christmas we will have the total accumulation of a whole season, this is very unusual for me at least, it is my 17th winter in Canada.
I didn't know you read French, but I should have suspected it...

Dubhaltach said...

LOL Sophia - as you know I had most of my schooling in Lebanon and Irak because that's where Dad was posted.

Not learning French wasn't an option!

My first holiday in Paris (I was 11) I caused quite a lot of amausement to the people in the Hotel we stayed at, (I am so stereotypically Danish in appearance that it almost a joke), they were quite puzzled as to how a blue eyed blonde Danish child spoke French with such a strong Lebanese accent until I explained matters to them.


Completely off topic. I was browsing themes for wordpress last night and came across a rather nice one called "Aspire" which is for both wordpress and blogger.

I thought of you when I saw it.

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Sophia said...

Thanks for the tip. Aspire looks wonderful ! I should try to see if I can redesign my blog accordingly.

Bon eh bien à partir de maintenant, je peux te répondre en français.



Dubhaltach said...

Comme vous étés gentille :-)

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