Art Against Apartheid in Palestine

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Also: Guerilla Artist Banksy in Holy Land


Ibn Bint Jbeil said...


i am such a fan of his art, but i can't keep up with his productive energy! a year or two ago he did another set of works on the wall (literally ON the wall,) and now these are a new collection by him. so powerful.

Dubhaltach said...

Hi Sophia,

Off topic: Hirsi Ali, atheism and Islam

Be warned it's the remarkably silly "Spengler" managing to plumb fresh depths of assininity but if you read it as comedy it's quite good ....

Sophia said...


O.K. Thanks for the link, I will wait for a moment of infinite patience to read it.
Although, I am an atheist, but my ahteism is not a militant atheism, it is more a metaphysical atheism, and I do not like organised religion, but I am convinced by the positive power of faith, and although I did not like Pope Benedict's XVI first take on Islam, I think we can find many answers to extremist and militant atheism, like the one professed by Hirsi Ali and her followers, in his new encyclical Spe Salvi. This latest from the Pope won some admiration from me for the man, despite my previous reservations.

Sophia said...


I just discovered Banksy's art and I think it is just powerful. I think nothing like murals express better political and engaged art. I am thinking of Diego Rivera for whom I have a great admiration. Also lets not forget that great religious european art is also on murals in the churches.

Jeb Koogler said...

Hi Sophia,

Have you seen this?


Hope all is well with you. - Jeb

Sophia said...


Many thanks for the video. I heard about this but did not see the video. This is a shame. And this is just one incident of this kind among others. I wouldn't be surprised if one day there will be a suicide bomber among these children. Israel accuses Palestinians of teaching hatred to their children. I think what we saw proves that it is Israel who is teaching hatred to Palestinian children.

All is well Jeb, thanks for asking.



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