Gaza Calling

A video from Blogger Haitham Sabbah.

Gaza is becoming quickly another Warsaw Ghetto. Medical services, fuel, electricity, food, and other life sustaining items are being cut by Israel amidst international silence, Fatah's criminal complicity, and Israeli supreme court approval. Please watch Haitham's video and spread the word. Palestinians in Gaza need urgent help.

Old Brit's post on the Red Cross appeal and the humanitarian crisis in Palestine

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Also from Haitham: Anthem for someone's child


Ted said...

Israel says they are ready for a full out invasion of the area to "put down terrorism". I think it is ethnic cleansing myself.

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4336

Sophia said...


Israel can do whatever it wants. There is no pressure on Israel from its closest ally, the US, neither from the international community nor from corrupt Arab regimes who are only preoccupied by their survival. Palestinians are paying a high price for this.
It is time we see this tragedy for what it is; illegal theft of land and slow extermination of an entire population through economic sanctions and military terror, with the blessing of practically every country on this planet.

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