Please help this children charity

Aldea de ninos Cristo Rey, Guayaquil, Ecuador, is a children charity run, since its inception more than thirty years ago, by the same man and the same local team, with the goal of keeping a capacity of up to fifty children orphans or abandoned, educating them and caring for their well being until adulthood. They don't do adoptions and they have never been in this business, that's the main aspect of this charity.

The man behind Aldea de ninos is a Belgian doctor, a laic missionary, who devoted all his adult life to this organisation in Ecuador. He never practised Medecine for a living. He is a wonderful human being who is everything for these children, a doctor, an educator, a counselor, and a surrogate father.

The charity receives most of its money from European donors in Belgium, France, and Germany, and from local donors. That's why you won't find an English version to their website which is quite new. I hope that my readers can visit their site, judge by themselves, and help this big family in raising their children.

Joyeux Noël Bruno à toi et aux enfants de Cristo Rey.


annie said...

Sophia, ce projet a l'air bien, mais nulle part je ne trouve un conduit pour les aider, genre compte en banque, something.
Bonne année

Sophia said...


Merci de l'intérêt. Si tu visites leur site en Français, il y a la rubrique 'Comment nous aider' et une adresse bancaire. Si tu soughaites te mettre en contact directement avec eux, tu vas dans la rubrique 'Qui sommes nous', il y a téléphone et adresse en Équateur.

Mes meilleurs voeux pour la nouvelle année et j'attends avec impatience ton retour dans la plus belle oasis de l'orient pour lire tes impressions de là-bas.


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