Badiou on Corporate Media

French philosopher Alain Badiou gave an interview to Rue89 few days ago. Badiou has been all his life a staunch marxist. He thinks that some of the things implied in the idea of communism like egalitarianism and the common good will never die. In his refelctions on the corporate owned media he highlights a simple fact:
"Un journal qui appartient à de riches managers n’a pas à être lu par quelqu’un qui n’est ni manager ni riche."

"A newspaper that is owned by rich managers shouldn't be read by someone who is neither rich nor manager (i.e. a worker)"
And he considers this as a pivotal point for the refoundation of the left.
When I read this I thought that the masses are daily fed of news fabricated, digested and prepared for them by people who don't have the same objectives, interests, needs, etc... Pure wisdom...

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