Canada's Harper government is an embarrassment

The Harper government is behaving submissively toward the Bush administration and toward what it represents in terms of ideological commitments. Or maybe the Harper ideology is just Bush's applied with much zeal and disregard for everything else. It is indeed the extreme of an extreme, of what Bush has embodied on the world stage for the last seven years.

Teh Harper government refused to ask for a ceasefire in Lebanon in July 2006 when Israel was bombing Lebanon and Lebanese so madly, despite Canada's large Arab, lebanese and Muslim communities. Recently, Harper went to the Bali conference on climate change with only representatives from major Canadian oil companies. Last week Canada was the only country to excuse and explain US's secretary of defense arrogant statement about Nato forces not knowing how to fight in Afghanistan.

And today, after a Canadaian foreign minstry document cited the US and Israel on a torture list, as countries that torture, it withdrew them, just like that, with excuses, because...they are allies.

Watch Harper and his government closely, they are the épitome of bad taste when it comes to foreign policy and Human rights, but, most of all, they follow so closely Bush's ideology that they have become its caricature...

More: Torture manual to be rewritten...as not to offend Israel and the US

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